HTC Endeavor C2 is the One X successor and coming in October

There was already speculation that the Taiwanese smartphone company HTC would be updating its HTC One X, but it looks like the manufacturer is preparing for a busy autumn if recent reports prove to be true.

We may see the manufacturer announce the successor the One X, thought to be named Endeavour C2, as well as see them enter the ‘phablet’ market, taking on the massively successful Samsung Galaxy Note and the new Nokia Lumia Phi. There have been rumors about the release of a quad core successor the One X, up to now, thought to be named The Edge, though this week’s news seem to suggest HTC has gone for the name Endeavor.

So what is the market expecting from the Endeavour? Well as with all leaks, we will not know how true they are until we see the actual product in the stores. However, going on news released by, who first set out these rumors we’ve got some idea and are pretty confident,  describing their HTC source as “trusty”.

The specs that have been given are certainly interesting. A quad-core 1.7GHz processor, clear voice technology for those noisy background moments, improved battery life and Dr Dre Beats Audio technology. As for what we can expect it to look like, we are being told to expect something similar to the One X (uni-bodied design) but possibly with a more varied choice of colors than the One X. The new Endeavour C2 is expected to be well suited with One X accessories and be to the One X what the Sensation XE was to the original Sensation last year, with almost the same design but much enhanced features. Expectant customers can purchase the new phone in October according to rumors, at least in the UK, with news to follow on release dates for the USA.

The One X is HTC’s current flagship smartphone and one of the top handsets available in the marketplace at the moment. Given that the successor to HTC One X, the HTC One X+ is going to be released this year, it is expected to come with the Android Operating System 4.1 Jelly Bean pre-installed.

The release of these two products is probably expected to boost the manufacturer’s market share. HTC recently announced that although the company earned $91.04 billion in revenue in the second quarter, as well as net profits of $7.4 billion, this was a 58% drop in profit compared to figures for 2011.

The launch of the ‘phablet’ is hoped to capitalize on the 208 million of the devices set to be sold in 2015 (source:  ABI research). The phablet, defined by ABI as phones with displays between 4.6 inches to 5.5 inches is likely an attempt by HTC to reverse their third consecutive quarterly decline.

HTC High Tech Corporation (HTC is a Taiwanese manufacturer of smart phones and tablets. Though starting as an OMD (Original Design Manufacturer) building devices for others, it went on making HTC branded smart phones mostly based on Microsoft’s Windows operating system (OS) for mobile.


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