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HTC Apps You Shouldn’t Miss If You’re An HTC Device Owner

The importance of an Android smartphone totally depends on the needs of the owner, the same goes for HTC device owners. It would never be a surprise if one owner has different set of HTC apps in his phone. Basically, Android apps are built to bring more functionality to users and they too, are dependent on the needs of the people who will use them. However, there are also some apps that more important than others; some are needed for root access, others are for in-device management.

Here are three of the most important HTC apps:

Advanced Task Manager – Basically, this is a must-have application for your HTC device. Not only will you be able to end applications in an instant, it also speeds up your phone and eventually help save battery. It used to be a paid app for HTC but later offered for free at the Google Play Store. It has become popular because of the following functions:

  • Shows Memory Info
  • Terminate Apps and Services
  • Widget form for one-click end all
  • Bulk select and exclusion
  • Bulk-quick Uninstall

Astro File Manager – Just by reading the name you’ll know what it is for. It functions like other file manager apps available in the app store but this one offers more; it isn’t called the “Best File Management App” for nothing. Here are its functions:

  • Backup & restore multiple public applications
  • Files, Applications and Tasks Manager
  • zip, tgz files Reader
  • Image and File viewer
  • Selectable Tool icons
  • Shortcuts
  • Task killer
  • SD card usage
  • Send files as attachments
  • Search

Wave Secure – This is one of the HTC apps you couldn’t afford not to have. There are several security suites available in the app store that offer the same functionality as this one. However, majority of them are being offered at a considerably high price while Wave Secure is free. It functions include:

  • Anti-DataLost
  • Anti-Theft
  • Phone tracking

There are many HTC apps you can find and get for free but whatever you choose totally depends on your needs or how you use your HTC smartphone. If you’re a gamer, then you’d rather choose cool games in which majority of them are offered for free. Do you have an app in mind? Feel free to share.

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