HP Hires Nokia’s Alberto Torres To Lead Mobility Division

PC and printer maker Hewlett-Packard (HP) reportedly hires Alberto Torres, former head of Nokia’s Meego division, to lead the new Mobility business unit responsible for consumer tablets. Torres has given up his position at the Finnish phone maker after CEO Stephen Elop pursued to acquiring a bigger chunk in the Windows Phone market where Meego will of no use anymore.

The Verge reported of a memo being circulated internally by Todd Bradley’s department, the newly-merged Printing and Personal Systems Group. Torres’ Mobility unit is believed to be under Bradley’s department and the announcement as well as the memo was authentic. Please refer to the source link below for the actual memo published online.

“Our new Mobility Global Business Unit initially will focus on consumer tablets and will expand to additional segments and categories where we believe we can offer differentiated value to our customers,” the memo reads.

This confirms recent reports that HP will be going in for the tablet market ready and well-equipped. The memo also denies speculations that Torres will be heading Gram, HP’s wholly-own subsidiary which is believed to be following out the tracks of the defunct webOS. The company allegedly started buying cool and necessary domains for the new division.

Unlike Gram, the Mobility unit will be tasked to handle the hardware side of things; that is manufacturing necessary components for HP’s next generation of mobile devices. Now HP has a software division which only the company knows what its future would be and a hardware division in-charge of building tablets that would be running Windows.

As a recap, the memo which was allegedly circulated and announced by the department headed by Todd Bradley is authentic; Torres will be working for HP’s new Mobility division but not Gram. Lastly, Torres will be reporting to Bradley as far as chain of command is concerned. The California-based company might just be going out with a bang in a few months.


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