Windows Phone 8 Has Been Spotted in China

The picture above is supposedly a Nokia smartphone that is very, very likely to be a prototype of the up and coming, Windows Phone 8. It’s been spotted in China and it was of course, kept online for only a short period of time before it was taken down. Of course, from that picture, rumors have risen and many have figured that this is proof of being the real device that Nokia was rumored to be working on. Some might say it’s impossible to tell what this phone is, but it does look very similar to the Windows Phone 7 thus the rumor of it being Windows Phone 8. Anyone who looks at the photo will tell that it is Windows Phone 8 (unless the Mozilla Firefox OS has come about), but what device is it?

Many have that this may just be a different colored Lumia 800 running the test version of either Windows Phone 8 or Windows Phone 7. There is no way to tell what exact Windows Phone version it’s running, but if you read our last article on the rumors of Nokia making the Windows Phone 8, this picture could very likely be just that. That’s just rumors though, so nothing has either been confirmed or denied.

The new home screen in both Windows Phone 7.8 and Windows Phone 8 features the similar resizable tiles. This could very well be the Lumia 800 (the phone that never made it to the market), it also could be someone who just decided to install Microsoft’s mobile operating system successfully. The only question is, how come the Windows Logo on it is still the previous one that is seen on Windows 7.8? It’d be very interesting to see what this is, currently a lot of people are confused as to what this might be and as to what it could actually be.

In case you hadn’t noticed, the Nokia logo is at the top of the phone, so we definitely know this is a Nokia device. Beyond that though, we’re absolutely clueless as to what this is. I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out if the other rumors prove to be true that Nokia will be revealing the Windows Phone 8 at Nokia World in September. Either way, we’re all going to have to wait it out and see what happens. We’ll have more news for you if Nokia confirms or denies this leaked photo of the supposed Lumia 800.

Update: The guys over at Nokia Innovation have confirmed that the supposed Lumia 800 is actually the Nokia Phi. They also confirmed that the Nokia Phi will be released near the end of October. Apparently it is the successor to the Lumia 800 even thought that hadn’t made it to the market. The Nokia Phi is currently just a codename like the the Nokia Ace which ended up being the Nokia Lumia 800.

source: WP Dang

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