Hooha is App.Net’s First Android App

The social feed service App.Net has launched its first Android app on Google Play. The app was formerly called Jive, but is now known as Hooha.

Hooha, which was developed by The Modern Ink, permits users to access their personal stream and mentions. It furthermore lets them write their own posts and repost those of others. They can also open links embedded in posts as well as view the profiles of other App.Net users. Follow and unfollow features are also available. Users of the app who would like to send their comments on Hooha will also find an in-app option to do so.

The app is still in the process of development. In fact, it is still an alpha build, and its developers recognize that it still has a long way to go to be able to contend with other apps available. The team behind it, however, is already preparing for several new features in future updates. Among these are the ability to open #hashtags, URL shortening, Search, and Pull to Refresh, among others.

If these features sound like a typical Twitter or third-party app that allows access to Twitter, that is because App.Net is essentially an alternative to one of the most popular social media platforms.

Unlike Twitter, App.Net, however, requires payment for membership in its community. A year of regular membership costs $50, while those who would like to explore the App.Net developer toolchain, the developer community, and the API analytics dashboard need to pay an extra $50 on top of the regular membership fee. In return, App.Net users enjoy an ad-free service, which App.Net creators believe to be essential for the satisfaction of users.

The Hooha app is free for download. Its developers request that users who do not have access to App.Net refrain from downloading it or leaving a comment on the app.

Click here to download Hooha from Google Play.

via droid-dog