Hisense Preparing a Google TV Box

With the huge success of the Vizio Co-Star, it has proved that Google TV still has some life in it, not to mention that the price is fairly cheap. The next company jumping on the sub-$100 bandwagon is going to be Hisense, a Chinese OEM that has partnered up with Google to create and manufacturer a new budget Google TV set-top box. I’m not sure as to how well the Hisense box will go (unless they ship the box in Europe unlike the Vizio Co-Star), but it will be interesting to see how it compares to the Vizio Co-Star.

Mickey Kim, the Google TV Partner Manager, said this in a statement:

Hisense adds even more innovation to the growing list of Google TV-powered devices available around the world. We’re working closely with partners like Hisense to bring services from Google and multiple other providers to your TV with an experience tailored for the living room.


Not only that, but the Google box is actually going to be shown of to the world and is promised to be on display during the IFA show in Berlin, Germany this year along with Samsung’s Galaxy S III point and shoot camera along with the Galaxy Note 2. The Vizio Co-Star didn’t ship in Europe, so hopefully that means that Hisense’s box will be shipping all throughout Europe.

If you’re interested in keeping updated on this box, stay tuned with The Droid Guy and we’ll have some more info on the box when it is shown during the IFA convention very soon.

Is anyone interested in a Google TV Box, or even an Apple TV box? I haven’t found a whole lot of interest in either devices, but it is an interesting concept that could potentially be pretty darn cool in the future.

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source: Android Central

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