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HeroCraft Releases New Android Game Dragon’s Lore

Russian mobile game developer and publisher, HeroCraft Ltd, released on Thursday, August 2nd, a new action puzzle game for Android dubbed as Dragon’s Lore. This is the company’s latest foray into the Android game market where it is currently on a good position being one of the Top Developers at Google Play Store.

Dragon’s Lore is actually following a story of a Japanese dragon named Kirin. Unlike other dragon figures everybody might have known, this one’s a wise, graceful and mild mannered mythical creature. Basically, it follows Japan’s legend depicting dragons as symbols of good luck, abundance and good will. So the game has a really good story to start with.

HeroCraft did a great job in putting the story on a puzzle game where the main goal is removal of figures from the board. The gamer needs to match at least three cubes of the same color to gain game money and points and little by little take away the cubes pre-set on the game field. As always, the first few levels are easier to accomplish but the later ones are more difficult making the game more challenging.

Dragon’s Lore offer four key features and they are as follows:

Four Single Player Modes. To make things more interesting for gamers, HeroCraft put four single player modes namely: Classic, Arcade, Puzzle and Infinity. Each of these modes offers totally different gameplay and they are integrated into the game to provide gamers more option and entertainment when playing alone.

Story Mode. This is basically a single player mode but it is mentioned separately from the four because it faithfully follows the story of the game. Playing in this mode will provide you with information you need about the entire plot of Dragon’s Lore.

HotSeat Mode. This comes packed with the game natively to allow gamers to play with their friends. Playing alone may be boring for many but playing with other players may just provide you the entertainment everybody needs.

200 Levels. More often, block-busting games come short but Dragon’s Lore is longer than everyone could have expected. There are around 200 levels available for you to play and it might take days, weeks or even months to finish this game down to the last level.

The game is also wrapped up with some 3D visuals making it just ahead of others in its category. This and the features mentioned above are packed in a single game and offered at Google Play Store for just $0.99.

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