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Here’s Why Apple Doesn’t Have the Guts to Sue Google Directly

In the fiery smartphone battle, there are only two stalwarts: Google and Apple. However, rewind back some years and there was only one.

Apple clearly is not happy with Android ascendancy. Two lions in the same forest always create outright mockery. Both seem equally voracious in their approach. While Google continues its relentless pursuit of developing flavour after flavour, Apple seems to be busy filing litigation after litigation.

No doubt the battle is fierce and the rivalry intense, but the mystifying fact is that we never see Apple and Google taking each other head-on. Apple always is locked in some kerfuffle with leading phone manufacturers, be it Samsung or HTC.  That’s what makes one wonder why the fruit-bearers don’t catch the dairy-product-vendors directly from their thorns. They clearly are wary of the fact that taking down Google’s Android would be enough to end the saga.

So why are they are going suing Samsung and HTC? Well, it’s simple.

If you’re good at something, never do it for free. Google nevertheless is one idiosyncratic exception. Google does not make any direct profits from Android. It indirectly generates revenue through its wide-spread Ad network. Android is solely an indomitable attempt to popularize its mobile advertising networks. So, even if Apple’s claims regarding Android being filch are found to be legit, there is no way Apple can mint any cash out of it.

Alternatively, it is far easier for Apple to put an iPhone 4 and Galaxy S II side-by-side and pin-point all the similarities. It is easier for Apple to frame down a simple story than make up a convoluted anecdote.

Apple clearly is interested in thrashing the Android market and with Samsung grabbing more than half the market, who else you think could be a better scapegoat? According to one caricature, Apple could reap more rewards by taking down different brands than by taking down Google.

Google nevertheless is backing Samsung and HTC all the way. According to a CNET report, they have been offering companies legal assistance by providing extra-research and professional advice. Samsung in fact has hired Quinn Emanuel for fighting the litigation, which apparently is the same law firm Google has hired to fight different patent issues. Apple had filed litigation about a year back, claiming that the South-Korean giant had copied the look and feel of its iPhone and iPad.

Google is canny enough not to take down Apple heads-on, especially when Android is doing so well in the smartphone market. They however want to defend their smartphone partners, as they are vital to their success. However, it prefers staying in the backyard and out of all the farce.

Apple on the other hand is wary of the fact that Google could become belligerent in their approach. The way Google flexed its muscles against Oracle and recouped the litigation costs sent a very strong message out. Also, the fact that Google does not make any direct revenue from Android makes Apple’s intentions invariably weaker.

Though Apple could have gone on to argue that Android copying its design has led to huge fiscal losses, it prefers suing its rivals instead. It quite clearly is an abhorrent tactic by the American giant to mint some cash, slump down the sales of their rival’s flagship devices and reclaim its ‘iNnovator’ tag.

Apple fanatics would argue that it’s not about printing green stuff but about sending a strong message.

 Perhaps the message is that only one company knows innovation, that only one company knows how to make smartphones and that only company deserves all the respect.


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