Has the “Innovative” Company, Apple, Become Irrelevant?


As we all currently know, Apple is in the middle of suing the pants off of Samsung for little to no reason. Okay, they have a reason I guess, but it’s pretty stupid and is just killing innovation. Apple’s claim is that Samsung has directly copied off of their device or had some sort of influence from it. I don’t understand why they are trying to sue them over that because when I hold a iOS device and Samsung device in my hands, I see two completely different devices. I think that Apple is just trying to get rid of competition instead of trying to have a legitimate lawsuit. Essentially they’re just trying to kill other peoples ideas and remove innovation so that they are the only company that has any influence on technology.

Apple created a patent for tapping on the screen twice which will then center text to your screen size. Do you know how ridiculous that actually is? Making it so no other company can allow double tapping on the screen to have any affiliation with text? If anyone had any affiliation with text and double tapping, it would be very easy for Apple to make a similarity and thus, sue that company because of how “close” it is to their product. I see that as a huge problem because for years everyone expands upon another persons product making it better than the last. Apple even has done this. They essentially expanded upon the brick-like phones we had years ago and even the standard flip phones that a lot of us still use today. Should the makers of those flip phones or even brick-like phones sue Apple over making a similar product to theirs? I’ve honestly never seen a company so bent out to destroying innovation so aggressively like this.

The other problem is, aside from the lawsuit that I feel Apple has come Irrelevant. Since 2007, they have essentially been pushing out the same exact product on a yearly basis with little improvements. Sure the iPhone 4 was a good release, but the iPhone 4S in my opinion was terrible. The only notable feature of that device was Siri with the rest of the device essentially being the iPhone 4. I’d agree with you that Apple made a great product in 2010. The iPad was fantastic, in my opinion. Later on, Android based tablets began releasing that were better than the iPad, thus the iPad 2 came out the next year. Now this year we got the iPad 3 (or just the “new iPad”) which is barely a improvement upon the iPad 2. It makes me wonder how good the iPhone 5 is actually going to perform. At this rate with how fast Android technology is improving, I can already say that we already have some stuff that will most likely be a whole lot better than the iPhone 5. All that said, I think Apple has lost any innovation that it first had when it first released the iPhone in 2007. What I think is “relevant” now, is the Android based software.

Why? For starters it’s essentially open for anyone to use while iOS isn’t. Thus, iOS is stuck to one company. The reason why Android is so successful right now is really because of its openness. The Android operating system is not just a preference, it’s really a completely different technology than what iOS is. The reason why Android is so advanced is because companies all over the world are picking it up (Samsung, ASUS, Acer) and advancing it. Currently, Apple is the only one advancing iOS, thus they have fallen behind.

It’s simple really. Google advances the operating system while companies like ASUS and Samsung push the hardware and operating system to its limits. If you want proof of this, just go to Amazon, search “Android Phones” and you’ll have a extensive list of different Android phones. Search for “iPhone” and you’ll only get a few choices. Apple’s secrecy and unwillingness to make their operating system is what’s killing it, not the Android OS as Steve Jobs claims in his biography. Android isn’t even a direct copy off of Apple, so this whole lawsuit and patent madness coming from them is obscene.

Who actually ever gave Apple the right to say that Smartphones in general were their idea and no one else could expand upon that technology? No one did. In fact, I think their “patents” that they supposedly have are ridiculous. Patents were in place to protect other peoples ideas, not to turn companies into a communist-like environment.  Patents like double tapping to center text is ridiculous! Why are patents stopping companies from performing simple actions that anyone would do naturally on their devices? It’s frankly outrageous and I can’t believe that the courts actually look at these patents seriously. Sure there’s some that are good, but a lot of them make no sense.

I guess I just feel that essentially Apple has become the “lesser” company so to speak. They’re creativity and innovation is really lacking and a lot of the official leaked photos of the iPhone 5 even proves that. I’m really beginning to think that their lawsuits are becoming irrelevant and the public is just getting tired of hearing about their bickering. Sure their product is good, but it’s nothing new. In this case, Samsung and even ASUS is the better company with the more innovative and creative product.

Those thoughts aside, would you agree with me or do you think I’m wrong? Feel free to leave a comment below, I would really like to hear some peoples thoughts on this.

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