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Half of a Gigameter of Bike Routes Added to Google Maps

On the Google Lat Long Blog, Google Maps Software Engineer Larry Powelson has announced the newest addition to Google Maps: new mobile biking directions and navigation. Only ten countries have received this new addition to Google Maps. Some of those countries are Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. That’s not all they’ve added though. In addition to the new biking directions, Google has added turn-by-turn voice guided navigation to the Google Maps Navigational app for every country that has biking directions already. Biking Routes in the Google Maps application will be showing up as different shades and styles of green lines. The dark green lines will be indicating dedicated bike trails, paths, or streets with no traffic at all. The light green lines will be indicating streets with bike lanes. Dashed green lines will be indicating recommend bike routes around you.

Users that are in areas that are covered by the Google Map Maker feature will be able to add some new trails and paths to Google’s data base and help their fellow bikers on the go. That said, Google now has a bit over 330,000 miles of different bike routes and paths mapped. This translates to over 530,000 kilometers or the half a gigameter mark. These new biking trails actually sound really cool and will probably make those phone dock connectors for bikes a whole lot more useful than they already were. Not to mention that the voice directions are also probably extremely helpful to the average biker looking for new paths and adventures.

Also, docking something like the Nexus 7 on your bike would also prove to be pretty useful. I’m sure there are docks that do that, and while it could potentially be annoying, it’ll be nice to have a fairly large virtual map for your biking needs.

Will anyone be using this new feature soon? Let us know in the comments below!

source: Talk Android

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