Grooveshark Making a Comeback, Offers Free Unlimited Music Streaming

If you’ve forgotten about this gem, it’s been away from the Google Play Store for around a year now, but Grooveshark has made quite a comeback deciding to compete with the likes of Pandora. With so many new options added to the application with the best of all being free unlimited music streaming, you can expect this application to be a fantastic alternative to other applications like Pandora. Here’s some of the new free features that you can expect to see in Grooveshark’s comeback:

  • Unlimited streaming of over 20 genre Radio Stations
  • Hand-tagged selections from the millions of songs in our library
  • Launch a custom Radio Station based on any song you choose
  • Skip and like songs

Those are just the free features. Grooveshark has a premium subscription for those who are wanting more features, but it’s going to cost you a bit of money to shell out. ($9 per-month subscription):

  • Free, unlimited on-demand music streaming
  • Take your music collection with you everywhere: Favorites, Playlists, Radio Stations, and the community of music fans on Grooveshark
  • Offline your most frequently played songs for uninterrupted listening even when there’s no stable connection
  • Choose from one of our genre Radio Stations or launch a personalized station based on any song in your queue, with no song skip or listening limits.
  • Save particularly good sessions as Playlists for continued listening later
  • Create, save, and share unlimited Playlists with friends
  • Connect your social media profiles to easily share your music with friends
  • Explore Popular songs and see what the Grooveshark community is listening to

It sounds nice and all, but I am really hooked on Pandora. With everything being completely free and it only being ad driven, I really like Pandora as opposed to using Grooveshark. I mean, the ads in Pandora aren’t very annoying, in fact they take up a miniscule amount of space. What need is there to pay for a music subscription if you can just get one that is completely free right at your finger tips?

Aside from that, it might be interesting to check out how Grooveshark is going to compare to the likes of Pandora or Spotify. It’ll probably have a influx of downloads, but since both Spotify and Pandora have millions of downloads, I highly doubt that Grooveshark will be going anywhere high anytime soon, if not at all.

Right now the current version of Grooveshark is sitting at 2.7.2 and will require you to have Android 2.0 and up. Is anyone actually interested in tying this after their comeback? I’ll probably be giving it a go, but again, I doubt I will be sticking with it as Pandora already has me. Besides, Pandora has been out longer and thus has had more time to improve while Grooveshark is just now starting to get in the game. I totally think that at least for now, Pandora is what we should be sticking with.

Anyone going to try it? Let us know in the comments below! We’d love to hear how its working for you!

source: Talk Android