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Google’s Motorola Files New Case Against Apple at ITC

Motorola Mobility filed an infringement case anew against Apple over some of the features of the latter’s devices including the Siri voice-recognition program. In a statement, Google’s newly acquired company said that Apple was unwilling to work out a license leaving them without a choice but to file a complaint to defend their innovations.

There were seven patents Apple allegedly infringed including location reminder, e-mail notification and phone/video players. Motorola is seeking a court order to ban imports of Apple’s devices which include iPhones, iPads and Mac Computers. Considering Apple’s devices are made in Asia, if the former becomes successful in obtaining a court order, Apple iPhone 5’s release might be put in jeopardy.

After licensing talk failures in 2010, both companies engaged into a brawl and after Google fully acquired Motorola, this legal battle came into being with allegations that Apple’s most popular Siri feature was copied. Apple claims otherwise saying Motorola had been making unreasonable demands and that all devices running on Android OS copied patented features of iPhone.

Until now, no manufacturer ever claimed that the voice-recognition technology wasn’t really Apple’s innovation. While it may be more difficult for Motorola to prove Apple’s Siri infringed one of its patents, the claim will surely shed light to the outstanding claim made by latter against its fiercest competitor, Samsung Electronics Inc.

This is the second case Libertyville-based mobile maker filed against the Cupertino tech company. In April, US Judge rolled in favor of Motorola saying Apple infringed one of the four patents included in the first case and the final decision will be announced on August 24th and it could lead to an import ban of iPhones in the US.

The second case is apparently just a part of the broader battle between these companies and should the first case fail to impose import ban on Apple’s products, it may just be in time to force a ban before iPhone 5 reaches the American soil. Despite all these, however, Apple’s stock reached an all-time high when it closes at $648.11 on Friday.

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