Google your feelings

Have you got nothing to do over the internet? Do you want to do something exciting and new? Do you want to surf internet according to your moods? Well then we do have news for you, Google’s I am feeling lucky button does the trick folks.

Have you ever noticed the button on Google saying I am feeling lucky and you think to yourself, this might just be a way to advertise, well you are wrong here. This button is no ordinary button that Google has introduced infact it might just be the thing which helps us take a step into the future. When you click on the button something very unique and amazing happens. What the button does is that you’d never expect. It starts spinning like a slot machine and stops at a random completion of the phrase “I’m feeling” option for you to click. This isn’t all folks, when you click on this random button it takes you to the corners of Google where the phrase actually relates to the web search.

By some techno whiz Google is considered to be a vast empire filled with knowledge and innovation and this button helps you take a step and explore just how much this knowledge extends too.

You can choose get any option through this button for example if you click on the “I am feeling lucky” button, you might get an option of “I am feeling wonderful” and instantly you’re taken to this magical corner of Google where you get to experience Google’s world wonders project, which basically emphasizes on the vast cultural sites all around the globe.

There are tons of other buttons as well, one being “I am feeling Trendy” which takes you to the sizzling webpage’s which show you the latest buzz online and new and fascinating stories. Another button is the “I am feeling Stellar” which takes you to the image search results for the Orion Nebula. There are tons of other options as well and it’s just a matter of exploring this giant and fascinating site.

We must however, warn all our readers that this is highly addictive and you might just get too hooked to it. Once you start clicking those buttons over Google you might just not be able to stop and totally give way into the temptation. It’s not just the button that attracts us it’s the Doodle-y button which is just as much addictive.

Who wouldn’t want to explore the vast services that Google provides as well as the random tools it has to offer?

You might just get enlightened with brand new and good information which really makes you stand out in a crowd. Google has from time and time again brought something new and interesting to the table. The Doodles and games in the Google logo has long since attracted users and even on the Olympics the small games designed to play for web surfers provides great entertainment. Google is really trying to prove that it is more than a search engine and it wants to provide quality services to all its users, so we say keep up the good work Google.


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