Google Wallet Updates and Enables The Cloud

Many of you probably have no idea what Google Wallet is due to it’s availability to only a few certain phones. It essentially just makes it easier to carry you wallet around in a safe virtual environment. You’ll no longer need to carry your credit cards or bank cards with you, it’s very simple to just add them into the Google Wallet app and pay through that. It does sound dangerous with all the hackers and malicious attempts lurking around the internet as of late, but for now, Google’s Wallet service seems very safe and secure. If you’re not wanting to throw that personal information on there right now, this new update from Google may just increase that opinion.

Google has announced that it’s Google Wallet server has finally opened up to a ton more payment methods. It now works with almost any credit card and also lists credit cards that were once previously tied to your Google account. This is good news for those who like using the Google Wallet service. The bad news is that Google is moving everything into the cloud and off of your device. That basically means your information is going to be in a cloud server that will supposedly be secure. This raises concerns for both people who are using Google Wallet and those who wanted to. With this move to the cloud you’re still going to need a PIN to use the Google Wallet service. Google recommends that you have a lock on the entire phone too. Should things go wrong though, you can lock and remotely disable the Google Wallet service on a lost phone. Google points out that that’s not something you can do with your everyday regular leather wallet. It’s true too. The fact that Credit Card’s are now stored on a cloud could make people hesitant.

If my phone had Google Wallet, I’d probably use it just because I already have entered Credit Card numbers to other online services like Amazon. I know that my information is now permanently online. If anything, using a service like Google Wallet probably makes that information more secure. They also do make a good point about not being able to disable your Credit Cards from being used in a leather wallet too.

To use Google Wallet, all you’re going to need is a Google Wallet-compatible device. There’s a very limited amount of them, so not everyone will get access to this application. On the bright side, really all this is is Google telling us that they’re updating the service and keeping people up to date with what’s going on with their information along with new cards they are supporting.

Here’s the list of phones that are compatible with Google Wallet. After you update the application, let us know how it’s working for you. Gmail experienced some glitches and bugs with their update, so if Google Wallet is the same, let us know! We’d love to hear about it and will report on it if serious issues arise.

source: Google Commerce


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