Google+ Updated With Hangout Improvements

Surprise, surprise! There’s a new Google+ update available! The newly redesigned Google+ App for Android users just constantly keeps getting better than its past versions. This most recent update I found was fantastic. The most notable change is when you first open the newly updated application. You’ll see a gray bar at the top of the window with a bunch of different sharing options and capabilities. It’s a welcome addition, but obviously wasn’t a huge problem as it only saves you one extra tap when you want to share a post you like.

In addition to that, users will notice improvements to hangouts, allowing younger users to initiate them and all users to watch hangouts that are currently on the air. As to why this wasn’t in the app before, I don’t know. It seems as if the delay might have been to get the App out faster, but knowing Google with their track record, that probably wasn’t what had held them back.

That’s not the only new features you’ll find in the Google+ App for Android though. The new version also has floating timestamps in photo view included. Also, for those of you that have been getting severely frustrated with all of the crazy spam in the new “events” feature, you know about the ability to report abuse straight from the app itself. A wonderful new feature, I might add.

I guess the real question to ask now is will anyone be using Google+ because of these added improvements now? I probably will because of the way that they are constantly making sure that the app performs fantastically and has a slick and fluid UI. Facebook has been really annoying me lately with all the crashes on both my Atrix 2 and Transformer Pad, so I think it may be time to switch over to those when it comes to mobile devices. Obviously, since most of my friends and family are on Facebook it won’t be a complete switch over though.

It just seems to me that with Google+’s frequent updates they seem to put a whole lot more care into the Google+ system as a whole and not just the desktop browser side of things. Just a small opinion I have between both Facebook and Google+ when it comes to the Android applications. I can’t wait to see what the next update to Google+ is (honestly, the next one will be a bunch of bug fixes!).

Are you currently using the Google+ app for Android? Are these changes and new features of any use to you or do you just see them as another useless feature? Whatever the opinion is, let us know in the comments and also tell us how the new app is working out for you! Is it crashing at all? Do you have similar experiences to Facebook as I have? Or now that Google+ has added a few new things will you be downloading their app if you haven’t already?

source: Android Central

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