Google Tests Adding Gmail To Your Search Results

Google’s goal has always been to provide its users the best internet experience search wise, which is why the latest testing that went in the Google, was not a big surprise, well at least not for me.

Google is expanding its universal search feature for a while now by adding news stories, images, and much more to its search results recently. Yesterday, the company announced that it is starting a new field of trial, which will experiment with search results by adding the user’s personal Gmail results in the search results as well.

Google will add this information in your search result, while assuming that you are signed into your Gmail account. This is because a lot of user’s personal and useful information is in their emails and adding those results to Google will somehow help users in finding what they are looking for. This will also save the hassle to go through all relevant emails in order to look for a piece of information you are looking for such as hotel reservations, flight information while you are checking in etc. In order to do so, all you have to search for is “my flights” or “my hotel reservation” in Google and Google will bring the list of relevant information from your personal email, which will however be appearing on the right side of your screen.

Sagar Kamda of Google demonstrated this feature by checking on his Amazon orders to see if his package has shipped yet or not. Moreover, he also talked about other services that might be integrated in this feature in the future.

This feature will surely help users a lot in finding what they are looking for with not just searching for their Open Table reservations, but it will also help them in getting reminders for when they need to leave in order to make the reservation they made in time.

In the current testing phase, the Gmail results are collapsible. With Google’s other personalized results, you can turn on and off this new feature as well. During the demonstration, Google also demonstrated a mobile interface of this feature as well. However, they cautioned that there would be some challenges faced in making this feature work on phones while maintaining the SSL security.

This new testing has come at a time when Google has previously added a lot of social and personalized features to their searches, such as by tying Goolge+. It is hard to judge this service if you have not used it yet because if you pay attention to it, it might actually be useful, especially if you use other Google services to personalize your search results.

Amit Singhal, the Senior Vice President said that the field trial will be initially open to 1 million users. He further added that Google would consider integrating this with other email services too.

As forward as Google’s approach might sound, but if you look at it, it is all for making the search results better and helping users find what they are looking for instead of going through dozens of search results and reverting to manual searching instead.


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