Google Rolls Out Delta Smart Updates on Google Play Store, Saves Time and Data

In a bid to making user experience at Google Play Store smoother and more convenient, Google rolled out on Friday, August 17th, a smart update dubbed as “delta” which saves precious data and time of users all at once.

Announced in June, during Google I/O 2012, the search giant promised that this update would surely make a positive impact to the overall experience of both Android and Play Store users as well as to the performance of the app store itself.

Average users may not be able to notice the difference between updating their apps before and now but tech enthusiasts lauded this effort from Google knowing an update wouldn’t be so pricey now as far as time and data usage are concerned.

Prior to this, users are obliged to download the entire package of the app they’ve already installed in their devices when an update was available. The smart update, however, allows users to download only the package that contains the latest update of the app in the Play Store. It is called delta because logically only the incremental updates are being sent to the wire for download.

Instagram app, the most popular photo-sharing app available in the Play Store, has a size of up to 13MB. Before, users will have to download the entire package once update is available. But today, only 3MB needs to be downloaded in order to update the app.

During the first week of existence of Instagram in the Play Store, when new updates were being rolled out every couple of days, users will have to spend fairly huge amount of data every week just for updates. Users whose data usage is capped to up to 2GB only will have to suffer the consequences of frequent update roll outs in the long run.

Moreover, those who have slower internet connection will have to wait a little longer to finish the download. But then, 13MB is a small amount and would take a few seconds to complete. The problem comes when downloading bigger apps like games that could reach up to 100MB or even more. Updates of this size will surely eat up time of the users.

Google Play Store Delta update is a necessary one and Google should have rolled it out before but nevertheless, it has done a great job for doing so on Friday.

Source: PC World

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