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Google Releases Statement Regarding Samsung Vs. Apple Verdict

Samsung and Apple, being parties to the landmark patent case decided in a San Jose, California federal court, released their statements shortly after the decision was announced.

Google, however, which many consider to be an important figure in the Samsung vs. Apple battle, had been silent about the developments. Google is the company that owns Android, the operating system on the 25 devices which Apple claimed infringed on patents that they owned.

Recent reports, however, show that the Mountain View, California company had already decided to break its silence.

According to Google, many of the issues surrounding the patent infringement are not essentially connected to the Android operating system. Nonetheless, it acknowledges that such issues will be reassessed by both the court of appeals and the US Patent Office. Google further mentioned that players in the mobile industry are using ideas that have been around of a long time. It ended it statement by saying that the company will continue to team up with its partners and do not wish for anything to happen that will hamper their bringing of inventive products to the consumers. Essentially, Google is trying to reassure its partners that despite Samsung’s fate, it continues to be confident in the Android operating system. Reading between the lines, however, an analyst at Phonearena senses that Google remains to be cautious regarding some possible patents that Google has, such as perhaps one regarding multi-touch.

Meanwhile, it may be recalled that Samsung’s response was to call the verdict “a loss for the American consumer” since it could potentially mean that the consumer will have lesser and more expensive products to choose from in the market. It also deems that the patent law had been used to give Apple monopoly.

Apple, for its part, thanked the jury and lauded the court for the decision. Apple suggested that beyond patents, the legal battle between the two tech titans was about the values of “originality and innovation.”

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