Google Play Gift Cards on Their Way Very Soon

You know what Google Play has been missing for quite a while now? That’s right, Gift Cards. Wanted to buy something for a friend, but couldn’t because you didn’t want to enter your credit card information on their phone and/or they wouldn’t allow you to use their phone. It’s also quite sad that you can’t gift an app to someone like you can on iOS. Of course, that’d just give Apple another reason to sue the Android platform. We don’t want that now do we?

I have good news for you. We’ve already seen a while back that the Google Play Store App was getting ready for gift cards after we first saw the free $25 credit you get for purchasing a Nexus 7. Not only that, but the guys over at Android Police decided to decode the APK after noticing the update was a few bytes bigger than what was expected. After decoding it, they found a treasure chest full of evidence and goodies.

That said,Android Central was able to score themselves some of the Gift Cards or at least, the photos of the gift cards. Some of the pictures you can see below include both the $10 and $25 gift cards respectively. It is clearly branded for Google Play with “Music Movies Books Apps & More” listed at the bottom of the gift cards. What will be really interesting is to see how well they will fit in retail with iTunes and Barnes & Noble cards amongst the millions of other gift cards and game cards out there. Whatever the case, it’s triangular colorful logo stands out very well and will no doubt catch someones attention amongst the millions of gift cards.

What is also unknown about these gift cards is where they will be sold and when they will be available. Stateside, there’s no doubt we’ll see it in stores like Meijer, Walmart, Target and Bestbuy. That said, the global level is a bit more important with how widely known and loved Google is and all. Though many of us wouldn’t turn down a United States only launch, it’d be upsetting to see it wouldn’t make it worldwide as anyone who owns an Android device should be able to get their hands on one of these!

With all that said, gift cards are on their way and may be here sooner than later. I’m expecting them to release some time in September along with a few added Google Play features. That’s just speculation though, so don’t hold me to it. Depending on how everything goes and progresses over at Google, there is no doubt that we’ll see a speedy release now that we’ve seen evidence of the cards, even if my speculation isn’t valid.

Will you be looking into getting a Google Play gift card for some of your friends and/or family? It’ll cool to be able to finally help some others out with their Google Play purchases. I’m still holding onto hope that we’ll be able to gift apps to friends and family though. Gift cards are cool and all, but buying specific apps for them would be so much better.

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