Google Play Gift Cards Already Available At Some Target Stores

You may or may not have know, but Google Play gift cards are coming to a store near you very soon. A recent update to the Google Play store boasted of adding support for gift card balances and etc. Soon after, Android Central treated us with some leaked photos of stacks and stack for $10 and $25 Google Play gift cards, and then said that they would probably be available for purchase by the end of August. That’s cool and all, but they were wrong. Not wrong in a bad way of course, but various media outlets have been spotting something else.

Droid-Life actually reported that they’ve seen Google Play gift cards as of today. Not in all stores mind you, the picture above is a bunch of Google Play cards for sale at a Target. That said, many different Target stores are already putting up the Google Play gift cards up for sale. It’s finally time that those without a credit card will get some money to spend in the Google Play store! If you look at the photo above, you can tell that Google has done a fantastic job when it comes to marketing the gift card. I mean, really. Just look at it.

It stands out from the rest, thus making the Facebook gift/credit card look like it’s not even there. That also could have something to deal with that the photo is focused in on the Google Play cards, but, you do have to admit that the cards still really stand out with its triangular design filled with many different colors. I can image that Google will be experiencing a rise in their checkbooks after the Google Play gift cards get their full release in all retailers that have chosen to sell the gift cards. Actually, I may be wrong. With how much money they already have in their checkbooks, it’s no doubt that an extra $1 billion is going to be anything noticeable next to the $100 billion+ they already have. Whatever the case is though, I can tell that this is going to be some seriously good business for Google as they follow the ways of other companies in this area. There’s no doubt that a lot of consumers that don’t use credit cards for the purchases are going to be really, and I mean really happy with this new product in stores.

With all of that said, Target is the first store to start carrying Google Play gift cards. Are you going to be heading out to your local Target right now? Will you even be using gift cards on Google Play?  Most of us will probably be using our credit/debit cards that are saved on our beautiful Google Wallets, therefore I have mixed feeling on how the Gift Cards will work.

Oh well. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! We’d love to see what you think of these new Gift Cards!

Thanks Todd, from Droid-Life for sharing!

source: Droid-Life


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