Google Play Adds “Recommended For You” Section

Google Play has added a new feature to help users find fresh apps to download on their Android devices. The store now has a “Recommended for You” section that loads once users open Google Play.

The recommendations are generated from various sources:  the list of apps that users have already downloaded, the apps that one’s friends on Google+ use, and the apps that users with a similar list have downloaded, among others. These bases allow Google Play to predict what other apps the user might be interested in. It even provides a short explanation why each particular app appears in the Recommended list. It is expected that the list becomes more accurate if users have a more extensive list of apps as well as take the time to rate the ones that they like or dislike.

Those who access Google Play on laptops or PCs will also find the “Recommended for You” section in the website if they are logged in. Along with apps, Google Play likewise gives movies, music, magazines and books that users might like.

To give users more control over the content, Google has included a feature that enables users to delete and hide some recommendations.

Prior to this offering, Android users had to rely on the list of top apps, the list recommended by editors, in-app advertisements or lists compiled by writers online. The “Recommended for You” feature will definitely be useful for users who are curious about finding alternatives to the apps they have, or simply wish to expand their list of apps with those that appeal to them. There is a timely need for this assistance, especially since Google Play currently has more than 650,000 applications.

This is but one of the recent improvements that the Mountain View company had recently rolled out. It may be recalled that Google had also introduced Smart App updates, gift cards, and wishlists.

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