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Google Nexus 7 now Officially Available in Spain, France and Germany

The Google Nexus 7 is finally available in Spain, Germany and France officially. Although the tablet is already being imported all over the world for a premium price, official availability should be somewhat of a relief for potential buyers. But if you thought that official availability will spare you from the premium price tag, you are wrong. It’s ASUS that made the tablet available in the country as the manufacturer of the tablet. Interested buyers can purchase the tablet via the Google Play Store just like their American counterparts do. It seems like Google is on its way for a global expansion, with only a handful of countries getting the tablet prior to this.

It is however commendable that Google is slowly but steadily trying to expand its horizon. The extreme popularity for the tablet proved to be a hurdle as the supply couldn’t make up for the demand. ASUS however is believed to have fast-tracked production and it seems to have picked up pace now. So the timing seems just about right for a partial European roll out. Coming to the prices, the 8GB version is priced at €199 which is about $249 and the 16GB version will set customers back by €249 which is the equivalent of $311. Google has followed the same 199/249 pricing concept even in Europe, but a little conversion will immediately reveal that you’re being charged a premium. However, this is completely acceptable especially considering that the company is offering local warranty which is missing from the imported versions.

Previously available in the U.S, UK, Australia and Canada, the Nexus 7 is one of Google’s fast sellers which has surpassed all expectations, with the price tag paying a vital role in that. Even the revised European prices, don’t seem much to be honest, especially considering the price to features ratio. Couple that with the fact that it’s a Google branded tablet and that you’ll be assured of all the latest updates, you have a winner in your hands. TNW has pointed out a few destinations where the tablet won’t be available, so remember to hit the source link to make sure. With so many tablets available in the market, the Nexus 7 stands out as the most affordable tablet around. With Samsung expected to launch the Galaxy Note 2 in the coming days, it might be wise to wait a bit. But you can be assured that the Nexus 7 will still undercut the device in terms of pricing.

Source: The Next Web

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