Google Introduces Siri-like Voice Search Features forAndroid and iOS

Everybody in the technology industry was amused when Siri was unveiled last October 2011 together with the launching of the iPhone 4S. From that time on, there have been voice recognition softwares coming out in public in order to rival the most welcomed Siri like the Samsung S Voice. Now, Google has unveiled the Siri-like voice search features for Android and the iOS.

Apple and Google have always been in and out of terms in past years even if the two are getting mutual favors from each other. Recently, Apple has announced to remove the YouTube app for iOS in the coming iOS 6 and they also plan on replacing the current Google Maps with their own 3D technology in the iOS 6 Maps. While Google and Apple may hate each other, it still means that they are competing in the same market whether they like it or not. They are doing everything to find and produce programs or products that will always be up with each other. Now, Google finally is giving major update on their Android and iOS Search apps. The new features of the Search app will possess smart, contextual voice recognition assistant that is very much like with Siri. Using the personal information associated with your Google account, the app will be able to answer you like your friend. Here is a short video from Google that introduces “Google Now” to iOS:

This was announced in an event Google had held in San Francisco, California wherein they also revealed that they answered 100 billion searches a month, an incredible number that made Google as the top search engine in the entire world. Google also had continued in launching Knowledge Graph to provide answers as well as links. The event has really emphasized how much Google is dedicated in improving and enhancing its wide range of services.
Are you excited to have the new Google Search voice assistant?