Google Finally introduces Official Android Blog

Android, the most popular mobile phone and tablet OS was launched close to 4 years ago.  Up to now though, although there has been dozens of blogs specializing on Android news, rumors, how-tos and everything else to do with Android, Google had not gotten around to introducing an official Android blog.

Whenever they had something to announce on Android, they always released it on Google Mobile blog or any other Google blog but this is going to change because the Google Android Blog is finally here.  Now if you want to read the official news or get in-depth Android information from the horse’s mouth, you can just navigate to the official blog.

We at The Droid Guy will however keep you updated on everything that happens on the Android Blog as well as many other websites and blogs that deal with Android news, apps, reviews, developments and anything Android.  Have a look at the official Android blog and tell us what you think about it, it may be a good idea to bookmark it just to stay in touch, but remember unlike the official blog, here we cover everything and ANYTHING Android.