Google Expands its Search Engine With Gmail Results


Google has been expanding their universal search engine for years along with a lot features in the search engine. That could be adding images, news stories and more to a lot of its search results. Today Google announced that it’s going to start a “field trial” that will experiment with adding your personal Gmail results also. Talk about having a complete Google experience, eh?

You have to admit, there is definitely a lot of useful personal information just sitting in your inbox, thus Google wants to make that information available in your various web searches on the basis that your signed in to your account. In example, if your looking for your dinner reservations for a restaurant to hook up with for dinner, there’s no need to search through your Gmail account. Simply just search for “my reservations” in Google and you’ll get a list of relevant information directly from your email that will appear on the right side of the screen. This is actual a search engine feature that I could really get used to

Sagar Kamdar, from Google demonstrated using this feature to check on his various Amazon orders to see if a package has shipped yet. He also talked about a few other services that might be integrated into the popular Search Engine in the not-so distant future. Imagine not just searching for reservations, but also being able to connect to the information with other data that Google has access to, such as getting reminders of when you need to leave if you want to arrive at your restaurant in time for your reservation you set up earlier.

In the current field test, Gmail results are also collapsible, and, with other Google personalized results, the feature(s) can also be turned both on and off respectively. Google also had demonstrated a mobile interface, but warned that there will be quite a few challenges to make this work on phones (and probably tablets) while maintaining SSL security.

This is coming at a time when Google has been in the process of adding a ton of different personalized and social features tied to their search engine. Usually it’s also tied to Google+ (which arguably, is tied with the search engine) and often meets with a mixed response from users. Sure, it’s hard to judge the results of the feature without playing with the feature myself, but really, it’s a great example of how using other Google services to personalize your search results can be very useful.

Senior Vice President Amit Singhal said the field trial will be open to 1 million users at it’s start. He said Google would consider integrating this with other email services, too (this could mean Yahoo, Hotmail and etc).


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