Google Currents Review


The Basics:

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: Free

Download: Google Play

Google Current is essentially you’re very own customized magazine for both your smartphone and your tablet allowing you to have some very high quality reading with beautiful speeds for online and offline reading. From what I know so far, Google Currents allows you to have everything free, so websites like Forbes does not cost you to put them on your personalized Current. Which, I think we can all agree is a handy feature instead of paying for regular magazine subscription with Play Magazines.

You’ll get to put certain websites on your current. You’ll find publishes like Forbes, The Guardian, TechCrunch, PBS, Saveur and a ton more that have produced hundreds of articles and editions. If you think about it, Google Currents is a lot like Flipboard, it is indeed your own personalized web so to speak. By throwing on your most read websites into your Current you’ll be able to keep up to date with them as websites publish new articles, videos, photography and various slideshows. It’s endless as to how much you can watch in your current. I mean, who wouldn’t want to stay up to date on the latest feud in the Apple vs Samsung court? Okay, I may have gone a bit far with that one, but in reality, you can watch everything that comes from the publishers that you added to your Current for free.

Everything in Google Currents is very neatly organized and put into categories so you can view in-depth articles by topic instead of having to search according to your interests. If you’re interested in learning about Technology, just hit the Technology category to find what you’re looking for (you do that after selecting which published you’d like to read about first. I selected Forbes). It talks about everything from Google+ to Leadership and even talks about investing and businesses. Is Forbes not enough for you? Just go back to your Google Currents home page and press the add button. It’ll take you to another page and allow you to look for publishes by category. I went to Entertainment and chose Game Informer.

Now you can go back to your home page, and click on the Game Informer magazine. From there you’ll be able to see all the latest gaming news coming from their website. You can categorize everything by Review, Previews, Featured articles or just look at their general news. Upon going to their news section, I noticed that everyone was very neatly placed thanks to Google Current. You’ll only find around 5 articles per page though, to see more you’re going to have to slide to the left or right to see the next five articles on Game Informer. You’ll find everything from rumors of the new PlayStation coming up to details on the Halo 4’s latest soundtrack. It’s all there right before your finger tips and you don’t even have to wait for the magazine to come in the mail! It’s all right there before you!

That is essentially what Google Currents is, a online magazine that will allow you offline reading while on the go. No need for anymore of those silly paper magazines! Who uses those anyway?

Well, What Does It Do?

Everyone is so on the run these days, there is hardly any time to sit down and read a good article or magazine crafted just for your interests. It takes even more time to actually sit down and find something you’re interested in than actually reading the article you’re looking for itself. In a way, Google Currents’ goal is to both save you time and deliver you news and magazines from publishers in the easiest and fastest format possible. One example of this is allowing you the user, to be able to customize whats in your library (if you ever see my library, it’s full of publishers that report on gaming). While you can easily accomplish this by just sitting down at your computer and heading on over to the Game Informer website (as an example) and just browse. The thing is, Google Currents puts everything in neat sections for your viewing pleasure. They don’t want you to have to scroll through pages and pages of websites to find a certain article that you would like to read about. Therefore, they have put everything in front of you with the Google Currents app. I think one of the best parts of it all is that you can read while your on the go! No need to sit at home and pull up the old magazine you threw under the couch for reading at a later time.

From my experience so far, I’ve found that it is another fantastic application created by Google. They did a job well done and I really applaud them for that. I think Flipboard is great at doing this, but Google Currents really hit the marker (aside from Flipboard’s cool animations). Everything is speedy fast as the application claims to be, so there is no complaint from me there. I enjoyed using it and will probably continue to use it as a main source of reading while working or playing games since it also updates on the fly while you’re connected to the internet. Fantastic isn’t it? I thought it was.

Google Currents even has a way for you to browse through articles that you may or may not find interest in. You might just be familiar with this if you’ve ever used Google’s social networking, Google+.  The Trending articles are some of the most popular articles that people have been reading, A lot of the time it’s all about politics, but you can personally add you’re own type of trending articles you want to see. Whether you’d like to see Technology, Sports or Entertainment, it’s all there. Reading politics and whats going on in the world isn’t a requirement in the Trending section of Google Currents.

I actually found that the Trending articles section worked out really well since it is customized to your viewing experience. I like not being restricted to certain articles that are laid out for me. I honestly take no interest in what Obama’s new budget plan is for the tenth time this past week. Nor do I really care for anymore rumors on what the next iPhone 5 will look like. I’ve seen enough of those. That said, the way Google Currents allows you to customize what you see in the Trending category is simply a fantastic way of doing things.

I also forgot to mention another pretty cool thing you can do. Say you open up a publisher like Game Informer. On the bottom left, you’ll see a few very light gray bars lined up on top of each other. You click that to open up the table of contents which will then give you an overview of what is in each section. That way you’ll be able to find what interests you from there if you’re really looking for something interesting to read about. My only complain about that is, is that it’s so lightly colored its hardily visible to see. Once they brighten that up, I think it’d be perfect.


Google Currents is available for both Android and iOS devices. As far as I know anything that is Android 2.2 and up can install this application (both tablets and smartphones alike). That said, really anyone will be able to enjoy this application. As for iOS though, I’m not sure. I don’t know if anyone remembers Apple saying they were looking to make a Google-free iPhone? iOS 6 is just that, which will be loaded on the new iPhone coming out in September. Soon after, iOS will be pushed to iTunes accounts that have an iPod or iDevice attached to it requesting that you download iOS 6. Once that is installed, from the sounds of it, we may not be seeing any Google services (in the format of applications) on the device. That said, it may be a possibility that Google Currents will only be available for a short while (around 5 1/2 weeks to be exact).

Still, this application is amazing and works fantastically on Android. You can’t access the application from the web (if you were to do that, you mine as well just use regular websites to read your news) so I think iOS users may just be out of luck. For now though, you’ll be able to use it until iOS 6 releases, so it’s a fantastic time get a taste of it. Everything is free, including the application so there are no losses to be had. I found that upon using it once, I will constantly be using this app. I at first thought it was just a copy off of Flipboard, but upon using it more I realized that it actually was a whole lot better than what Flipboard was. I think I will still miss Flipboards “flip” animations though (get on that, Google!).

How This Helps You

As I said, Google Currents puts everything at your finger tips. It’ll save you a lot of time that you might have spent mindlessly searching the web for interesting content. Again, Google Currents has it all there with its Trending category along with featured categories within publisher magazines, thus making it very easy for the user to find interesting and in-depth content to read. I’ve personally found articles that I probably wouldn’t of found other wise. One of those articles/videos was on the topic of “Modeling Morality” which is basically a discussion about an upcoming game called Dishonored. I honestly would not have found that if it weren’t for Google Currents fantastic organizational skills.

That’s really the only way it’ll help you though. It’s a easy way to save time when searching for articles. Its easy to find interesting articles. It makes reading on the go and/or offline easy too. At it’s core is a mobile magazine ready for you to read at any time and at any moment. With just the touch of a button you’re already ready to read some of the new content that Game Informer or Forbes put up only ten minutes ago that was swiftly buried in a bunch of featured articles.

It just works fantastically, in my opinion.

Final Words

I am definitely a huge supporter of this application just because of how well designed everything has been for me. Anyone who is interested in a free digital subscription should pick up this app off of the App Store in iOS or off of Google Play in Android. With it being all free, there is nothing for anyone to lose, and chances are you’ll be using this app again after downloading it and playing with it for a while. Sure, it’s not something that will fill up your day, but when you’re looking for some interesting content, using Google Currents is a fantastic way to find that content.

As for performance and network speeds, I found everything to be very slick. I’ve had little to no lag (except for when my Wi-Fi connection was at its low point today). As for offline reading, I haven’t tried that out, I have been constantly online with Google Currents constantly refreshing various publisher sections. I can’t imagine many people do much offline reading (unless you’re on lunch break at work) but knowing Google, I bet it works fantastically well.

All that said, I highly recommend getting Google Currents at the very least to just take a look at. I found it to be worth my time and even saved me time by not allowing me to scroll through pages and pages of old and featured content. At it’s core though, Google Currents is just another digital magazine that was done very well. It’s nothing innovative or really creative, heck, it’s not even a unheard of thing. It’s really just a magazine and that’s all it is (a free one at that).

I’m going to go read more Game Informer now that I’ve thrown my…short…two words out there.

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