Google Australia Boss Predicts Phone Calls Will Become Obsolete Soon

The traditional phone calls, which everybody has been accustomed to, are believed to become obsolete soon. This is after the internet has taken a great momentum in the past two decades providing new medium for everybody to communicate. Nick Leeder, Managing Director of Google Australia, predicted that in a matter of a decade, traditional phone calls will be replaced by much modern means of communication offered by the Internet.

Leeder said that internet is shifting from a text-based medium to an audio and video-based one as people changed how they interact with each other.  According to him, the idea of a phone call in 10 years time without video may well be considered a thing of the past, a bit like posting a letter.

Voice over Internet Protocol

With the advent of technology, there is no doubt that traditional phone calls will vanish. Many people nowadays usually have smartphones, laptops or computers with Internet connections in which they can make phone calls with better quality through the use of VoIP. This technology has gained popularity over the years and there is no doubt it is one of the reasons why people might turn their backs on making traditional phone calls.

VoIP enables you to make phone calls over the internet. There are a lot of features that you can get with this type of service. People who are working in other countries can keep in touch with their relatives while businessmen will be able to do their jobs in remote locations. Talking about the cost, using VoIP is cheaper compared to making landline calls.

Mobile Video Conferencing

The introduction of mobile video conferencing to the market paved way to a better communication because not only will the users be able to hear the voice of someone they’re calling to, they could also see their faces.  Video conferencing is an interactive method which allows two or more people to communicate simultaneously.

Business owners and corporate executives were fast to adapt this type of communication not only because it saves time and company resources, it also enables them to do business anytime, anywhere.

Why continue using phone calls when new technologies offer more convenient, easy-to-use, inexpensive, and   the most reliable means of communication?  It’s actually an all-in-one package that suits your preferences in terms of communicating with your friends, relatives, business partners, and etc.

In a nutshell

It is important to be wise in choosing the means of communication that we are going to use. It is not only the features that needed to be considered but also the benefits.  VoIP and video conferencing are among the most modern ways of communication and Leeder may just be right with his predictions. The shift from the use of old telephony to the newer one was considerably massive.

Sharing of information, knowledge, and ideas are made possible through this modern method of communication. With the help of your fast and reliable internet service provider, there is no reason not to adapt the modern means of communication.

Reference: BigPond News

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