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Google and Apple CEO’s Meeting: “Keep Your Friends Close and Enemies Closer”

The Patent Wars of 2012 have been deathly after already man-handling Samsung Electronics with a $1.05 billion fine, neither do these Patent wars seem to be ending here either. Especially with Samsung ready to go thermonuclear. There is some good coming out of it though, grown-ups are getting involved in mannerly behavior and putting their childish ways behind them, at least for the moment. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. According to some reports from Reuters, new Google CEO Larry Page and Apple CEO Tim Cook have been meeting with each other behind closed doors about their patents, intellectual property, and those other confusing things and big words CEO’s tend to talk about.

Apparently, the two CEO’s had a phone call this past week. Not only that, but talks at lower levels are also happening between the two companies. More talks between Page and Cook are also expected to happen in the coming weeks, but apparently a Friday appointment between the two CEO’s has been postponed to an unknown date and for unknown reasons, it could just be scheduling conflicts though. I mean, being a CEO and all is a pretty demanding job. It’s kind of odd that Google’s enemy is meeting with Google. I guess as they always say, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”

We haven’t heard of what these talks between the two companies (besides a supposed cage match where Larry Page puts Cook in a headlock), but one source has said that it could very possibly be the beginning of a truce between the two companies over basic features and functions in the Android operating system. Since these two CEO’s are the owners of very large companies, I would think that these discussions would be more looked at on a higher level, discussing a possible a broad settlement. It seems tedious that talks would be bogged down to every little issue in the two companies respective operating systems. One thing is pretty certain though. The majority of the two companies differences mostly resolve around the insanely rapidly growing mobile space, which as you would expect, is crucially important to both of the companies.

I’m actually kind of curious if this has to deal with Google not looking patents:

“One thing that we are very seriously taking a look at is the question of software patents, and whether in fact the patent system as it currently exists is the right system to invent innovation and really promote consumer-friendly policies,” said Pablo Chavez, Google’s public policy director earlier this week.

It’s nice to see that diplomatic discussions are taking place, and I hope that these diplomatic discussions will be an end to these outrageous litigation, which could be really bad for the lawyers involved. They might be rather sad that they won’t get another phat paycheck after a litigation. Hopefully these talks will turn to be positive, but with the tension between the two companies, I’m not going to expect much, especially since Apple seems so unreasonable and unwilling to make any sort of agreement (as proved in the Apple vs Samsung lawsuit).

source: Talk Android

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