GeForce GTX 660 Specs Released

The widely known graphics chip maker, Nvidia, has put into detail the specs for the upcoming GeForce GTX 660 graphics card over on its website. Surprisingly, this is a follow up with the 660Ti which will be OEM only. What does OEM only mean, exactly? It means that when you want to upgrade your PC, you won’t be able to buy this graphics card in shops, you’ll only be able to get this as part of a completely new PC.

Looking at the specs this graphics card has, I feel that its questionable to buy a whole new PC with this card.

A lot of us (aka geeks) were really holding onto hope that the GeForce GTX 660 would be a beautifully priced £200 graphics card based on the rumored GK107 processor, but in fact, that’s not what we got. It’s actually based on another version of the GK104 processor that powered both the GTX 670 and GTX 680 graphics cards (which are must more powerful than the GTX 660, if you hadn’t noticed). With this Graphics Card though, another batch of stream shaders have been turned off, thus leaving this graphics card running only 1156 cores at 832MHz, compared to the GTX 660 Ti’s 1344 cores sitting at 915MHz. It still does remain at the same 192bit memory bus.

Obviously we can’t tell you if the large performance drop is bearable or not because it all depends on how much systems that contain the GTX 660 will cost. If it’s fairly low and put into minimal computers, it’s probably worth it (instead of buying a new computer, save for a GTX 680 and throw that bad boy in your old machine, it’ll be like a brand new machine with just that addition!).

The GeForce GTX 660’s appearance really means that Nvidia still has a hole left to fill in its Kepler line up for a £200 set of cards to fill in. We’ll now probably be seeing a GT 660 (minus the x) alongside some GT 650s along with some others and so on pretty soon here. Honestly, this card really does not excite me one bit, the 680 is where all the power and performance is at, not this wimpy GTX 660 card! Of course, I’m sure we’ll be seeing a better card like the “780” in the next year or so, but for now, the GTX 680 is one of the best cards you can get on the market right now while this GTX 660 card is rather…not so great or recommended.

Is anyone actually interested in this card or would you rather be getting something a bit more worth your hard earned cash? Let us know in the comments below!

source: PC Gamer

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