Gameloft Teases new Android Game Developed with Unreal Engine

Gameloft, the popular mobile development company who’s been known for titles like the Dark Knight Rises and the Amazing Spider-Man has teased their first Android game being built upon the popular Unreal Engine that was developed by Epic Games. If you didn’t know, the Unreal Engine was a Game Engine developed by Epic Games and was first used in a first-person shooter game in 1998 called Unreal. Even though the Game Engine was primarily developed for First-Person Shooters, it’s been outstandingly successful in many other types of genres like MMORPG’s, RPG’s, Strategy and etc. One of the most notable games that has used it has been a lot of the Splinter Cell Games.

The picture above was originally posted on Gameloft’s Facebook page before blowing up all over the internet. The picture was included with a teaser that said: “The story of Gameloft’s 1st Unreal Game will soon be revealed, the hint is hidden in the artwork above, can you find it?” If you’re really curious about the game or just wondering what the game might be, you can vote to unlock the trailer on YouTube or just unlock the rest of the artwork. I think we all want to see the trailer though. It’d be interesting to see how the Unreal Engine looks on an Android system.

Gameloft often makes some great games but often misses the mark when it comes to story. Based off the picture, I really have some high expectations for this game, especially now that they said it’s going to run on the Unreal Engine. My only concern about this is that the Unreal Engine is really advanced in technology. That means Gameloft is probably going all out with the graphics, at least to what Android can handle. Thus, this is probably going to be a serious battery drainer.

It’ll all be very interesting to find out what happens with this game. Unreal Engine is known to be one of the best engines out there next to the Crytek engine. With its photo-realism graphics and super high resolution texture capabilities I can only image you’re going to need the best of the best hardware to play this game. Who knows if even the phones or tablets without a Tegra 3 will be able to support this game? That’s all speculation, but with past games that have come out that’s been pretty high end (not unreal engine high-end) has required a Tegra 3 chip.

I’d be very excited to see that it won’t require that, but I expect it will. Again, just some speculation. If you have any idea what this game is about at all or even have any guess of what it’s going to be, (I’m kind of wondering if it’ll be based off of a certain upcoming movie) let us know in the comments!

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