GameKlip: Ultimate Gaming Accessory for Android Phones

Modern smartphones are powerful with dual core and quad core processors – power that makes them cool and ideal for a wide variety of tasks and applications besides the usual communication stuff.  Just when you think things cannot get any better, GameKlip comes up with a revolutionary accessory that gives you a whole new gaming experience on your phone.  GameKlip is a MUST HAVE accessory for hardcore mobile gamers.  It is the perfect game controller that turns you phone into a mini-console – to play games with a PS3 controller.

Frankly speaking, playing games on a touchscreen phone or tablet can be quite a challenge – even impossible for some games.  With this PS3-styled controller, you can take your gaming mini-console wherever you go and you will not have to worry about where to place your device or how to hold it while playing because the GameKlip has an attachment for the phone or tablet.  This means you can now play even the most engaging games while laying facing up in your bed or couch.

To use the GameKlip controller, your device must be rooted.  If your device is not rooted or you do not wish to root your device, there is a controller version with a USB connector you can go for.  The only problem is that some phones and tablets may not be compatible with the controller.  However, the device may still work even if your phone or tablet is not on the list of supported devices.

This revolutionary accessory is simple in design but a genius accessory for those who want to use their Android phones or tablets for more than watching videos, making calls and texting.  The device makes it simple to drive cars on-screen, fire hadoukens and execute stunts and cross counters easily and conveniently.

Here is a video from the inventor showing how the clip-on GameKlip controller works – have a look and let us know what you think about it.

GameKlip in Action

Some more good news is that you will not need to wait for weeks or months to see developments on this add-on because it is not funded on Kickstarter like some recent Android accessories projects.  GameKlip is already available and retails for $15 for the wireless model and $23 for the wired one.  If you are planning on buying one, head on to and place an order.