Galaxy Note 10.1 Starts Selling Today In US and UK

Samsung has started selling the Galaxy Note 10.1 in the United States, the United Kingdom, and South Korea today amidst the ongoing high-profile trial against its bitter rival, Apple. The new Galaxy Note features a digital pen and a split screen mode but at the same price tag as the vaunted iPad.

The price tag in the U.S. starts at $499 for the basic model, which has a 16 GB storage while the 32-GB model that allows connection of external memory card costs $549.

The Galaxy Note 10.1 has a lower screen resolution compared to the iPad, but it does feature many functionalities that the iPad lack. The Galaxy Note is equipped with a digital pen and allows running two applications simultaneously, thanks to its split-screen capability.

The split-screen function is made possible by 2 GBs of RAM and a quad-core processor. Samsung hopes to attract education and business customers with its new product as the split-screen function can be used when taking notes while watching a video. Wall Street analysts said it is an effective strategy for Samsung as it tackles the dominance of iPad which dominates about 70 percent of the tablet market around the world.

The Galaxy Tab series was launched 2 years ago, and has since then spawned about half a dozen Android tablets although none of them became dominant like the iPad. Many analysts would attribute the weakness of Android tablets to lesser number of applications compared to iOS and higher prices.

Despite this, Samsung hopes that its latest product will become more attractive to schools and corporations despite its rival’s popularity and sharper screen.

Samsung’s overall strategy is to flood the market with varied types of products. While Apple makes one iPhone and iPad model every year, Samsung launches several mobile products varying from all types of screen sizes, prices, operating systems, and hardware. The strategy works in the smartphone market, where Samsung takes the lead over Apple, but not so in the tablet market.

The multi-tasking ability of the new Galaxy Note can help differentiate the Samsung product from the iPad, a thing that may grab the attention of artists, businessmen, and educators. It certainly is a great educational feature if it executed smoothly. The digital pen feature was first introduced last year with the first Galaxy Note. Samsung has greatly improved the pressure-sensitive pen now to make it feel more natural and accurate. The success of the previous Galaxy Note spurred Samsung to take the digital pen feature further.

Other interesting applications are also available like the Adobe Photoshop Touch and 30 other apps for sketching. There are also games that allows the use of S Pen, making it more convenient for users in enjoying games through it rather than by touching the screen. At the moment, only six apps are available supporting multitasking jobs but Samsung said that it is planning to expand the list of applications in the near future.

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