Gaikai Could Turn Android Into The Next Playstation 3

Cloud gaming on Android looks pretty sweet, eh? OnLive looks fantastic over the Wi-Fi connection and proves how fantastic cloud gaming can be in the not so far future. That said, another cloud gaming service, Gaiaki, was recently acquired by Sony. As analysts expect, Sony is going to take the cloud gaming service to the next level. It’s currently only available for PC browsers (i.e. Firefox, Chrome), an Android client is on its way and will hopefully be released soon. Not only that, but Sony has promised to make it an exception gaming platform. Exceptional? If Sony’s track record says anything, it’s going to be fantastic.

What makes Gaikai that special though? It essentially does the same thing as OnLive. The first thing you’ll notice is it’s speed. It takes upon the power of the Olympians (NVIDIA’s GeForce Grid Technology) and moves the service completely beyond what OnLive can do right now. Not only that, but the faster the game is able to stream to you, the more it feels like your everyday console. Sure, controls make the screen a bit cramped on a phone, but imagine loading this up on your tablet! In my time of playing Starcraft 2 competitively, I’ve come to realized that the performance and speed of the game can very well be a life or death situation. Thus, Gaikai sounds fantastic.

Picking up Gaikai is honestly, probably one of Sony’s best move in years. I’m predicting big money for Sony as they integrate the Gaikai service not only into the Android platform, but the PlayStation too. They haven’t said anything about integrating it with the PS3, but I suspect that they’ll be integrating it somehow. Sony has always be interested in cloud gaming and has expressed that through various interviews. Thus, I have my suspicions that Gaikai will not only be just on the Android platform, but their PS3 too. Of course, knowing Sony, this feature will obviously only be available to Plus members (keep in mind, this is just a prediction I have based off of facts).

It’s also expected that Sony will probably only make Gaikai exclusive to their own devices, for a little while at least. The Sony Xperia lineup never seemed to be as popular as some other devices, at least in my eyes, thus I would only assume that they would want to boost their hardware sales. I’m not a financial expert or anything, but I think that would be a terrible move. Sony already earns tons of money off of their subscription service, “PlayStation Plus,” so wouldn’t it be smart to almost do the same thing on Android devices. I personally would rather rent games instead of paying for a subscription, but at this point it’s all speculation as to what will happen.

There Xperia devices also have never seemed that good to me. They really need something with a NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor. Speaking of that, its been rumored that Sony is going to announce their Tablet S successor at IFA at the end of the month. It’s supposedly supposed to carry the weight of a Tegra 3 processor. In that case, it’ll be the perfect candidate for the Gaikai service.

Are you interested in cloud gaming? It sounds interesting, but I still love having physical copies sitting on my shelf for some reason. I’ve only been one to purchase digital copies of games if their has been a really good sale. Not only that, but it has to be something I’ve wanted to play.

Do you have similar feelings about the digital/cloud gaming services? Go ahead and let us know in the comments below!


4 Replies to “Gaikai Could Turn Android Into The Next Playstation 3”

  1. You have to understand that Sony literally just recently bought Gaikai. It’s going to take some time to get it completely functional, so patience will be necessary.

    I know everyone wants instant results, but purchasing Gaikai does not mean it’s instantaneously working perfect or something.

  2. Is this a joke article?

    these stream services are unplayable, its why they both went under more or less

    sony bailed gaikai

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