Fruit Vs. Robot Lets Android and Apple Fans Battle It Out

Many Android and iOS fans have been engaging in heated debates over which among the two is better ever since these operating systems arrived. Tech blogs and forums document the banters well, but it seems that these venues are not enough.

Enter a new app called Fruit vs. Robot, a game developed by GravityFour, which allows users to take part in the battle as part of the Android or the Apple team. Fruit, of course, pertains to Apple, while Robot, to the Android robot, although the app uses different icons to represent these two.

The app features various games in which the fans can compete. Among these are Trivia Games, which covers categories such as Geography, Music, and Pop Culture; Arcade Games, which includes Balloon Pop as well as Knockers; and Board Games, like Reversi, Checkers, Four in a Row and Gomoku. In these games, users may win coins that they may use to unlock games. The app provides a leaderboard which shows which team is winning, as well as allows users to see their ranking as compared to other players of the game. Fruit vs. Robot moreover lets users pick their own avatar from several options which are unlockable.

The game’s initial release arrives shortly after a California court came up with a decision on a landmark Apple vs. Samsung case. In the decision, the court held that Samsung, a maker of Android devices, to award Apple more than a billion dollars in damages for having infringed on Apple’s patented designs and technologies.

Mirsad Makalic, one Australian developer behind Fruit vs. Robot, thought of the game when he ditched the iPhone for an Android device. He works in an office where Android and Apple fans often argued. Seeing some potential, Makalic told a friend about the idea and convinced him to work on the app, since Makalic himself did not have the money to develop the game. Later, they tapped the help of an Indonesian artist to work on the game. It is that that it took four months to finish Fruit vs. Robot.

Fruit vs. Robot on Google Play

Fruit vs. Robot on the App Store

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