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Four Android Phones Shipped For Every iPhone Sold, But Malware Also On The Increase

During the past few weeks, something interesting is going on, especially if you have purchased an Apple iPhone during these past few weeks. Because with the purchase of this smart phone, you have joined an exclusive club as Android smart phones are outselling the Apple’s iPhone in the market.

According a research done by the IDC, for every iPhone sold, four Android handsets were sold in the second quarter of 2012, up from a ration of 2.5:1 for the second quarter of last year.

The key player that is single handedly dominating the smart phone market is none other than Samsung that holds the number one spot in the smart phone market, with Apple holding the number 2 position. Samsung shipped almost 105 million Android smart phones in the April-June quarter.

On the other hand, Google’s android smart phone is currently enjoying 68 percent of the worldwide market share, which is a great increase from their 47 percent for the same period in last year.

Meanwhile, Apple is facing a fall in their worldwide market share with a total market share of 17 percent during the quarter in question. For the same time last year, Apple had 19 percent of worldwide market shares. However, all of this will change when the latest iPhone hits the markets all over the world, which is expected to launch at the end of this year. The new iPhone will certainly give a hefty boost to Apple in the international market.

Although, Android seem to doing pretty good all over the world, but the increase in users is also attracting a lot of problems to this smart phone as well. According to Finnish security firm F-Secure, more than 5000 samples of malicious Android software were received by the company during the second quarter of 2012. This figure might not seem big to you at first, but if you consider the reports in the first quarter, then you will notice that there is a massive 64 percent increase in malicious Android softwares.

“Every quarter, Android malware continues to grow in number, and Q2 2012 is no exception. We received a total of 5033 malicious Android application package files, or APKs, most of which are coming from third-party Android markets,” said the report titled “F-Secure Mobile Threat Report.”

“This amount is a 64 percent increase compared to the number in the previous quarter. Out of this amount, we identified 19 new families and 21 new variants of existing families,” the report added.

The good news for Android users is that most of this malware is confined to third party download sites, so if users are careful in downloading apps and softwares for their Android devices, then they can easily avoid facing malicious security threats on their android devices. The best thing to do here is to limit downloads to the official Google Play site because all apps and softwares there are trusted and free of harmful malware. The threat to Android platform is going to keep increasing as the Android platform attracts more and more users, the best way to stay safe is to trust only the trusted places.


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