Flickr For Android Gets Updated

Flickr for Android has just been updated to version 1.5. The most striking change on the application is a new user interface and an added tab bar. Apart from these, users may enjoy a list of new functionalities.

The user interface is similar to the Windows Phone design. It enables users to move from one photo to another and through menus by means of swiping.

The tab bar, meanwhile, is reminiscent of iOS. This bar shows options such as notifications, profile, photo, upload, and explore. It has furthermore added a “Pull to Refresh” capability to allow for fast updates.

One of the features introduced in this version is the ability to edit metadata, or the details attached to one’s photos. This is useful for correcting or getting rid of unnecessary information on images. Users can now also select from the camera apps installed on their device to take pictures.  Search has been enhanced, as well. Comments and descriptions have been given the permission to show HTML content.

Lastly, there are likewise bug fixes to address issues previously found on the app.

As usual, the Flickr app encourages users to enhance photos through their filters, a feature for which Instagram is popular. The app can still share images instantly on Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail, and the app will keep users updated when someone posts a comment on a photo they uploaded. Flickr is also keeping the geotagging feature, which allows users to remember the exact place where they took the photo.

Flickr currently boasts of having more than 60 million members, and the app is a way to connect not only to this community but to other networks, as well.

The free Flickr app requires a minumim of Android 2.1 in order to function.  It has gotten millions of installs on Google Play and has gotten a rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars. You can download it here.

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