Five Camera Apps You May Just Want to Take a Look At

Many of you may be looking for some good alternatives to the stock camera on your Android device. There are many types of free camera and social networking services out there that do this, but finding the good ones could potentially be difficult. I’ve put together a comprehensive list of the good ones that I’ve tested out and experienced for myself. A few of them it is possible that you may know about while others might be unknown to you.

Instagram – Everyone loves Instagram and its obvious just by looking at how many downloads it has had on Google Play (10,000,000+ to be exact). With the numerous options for filters and borders along with the ability to share the photos on the Instagram feed, Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is one of the most loved application amongst both Android and iOS users. The best part about Instagram is that everything in the application is free and so is the application itself. I think my favorite feature of Instagram is the built in enhanced camera. It ties in with your camera and works together to take some really nice detailed and focused pictures. Many may prefer using just the camera alone, but you’re really missing out on some extreme detail if you pass this feature up.

Pixlr-o-Matic – With over 5,000,000 downloads, Autodesk’s app, Pixlr-o-matic is very similar to what Instagram can do except without the social networking features (aside from Facebook and Pixlr-o-matic has over 100 different effects, 280 overlays and almost 200 different styles of borders you can choose from. It’s obvious that it has a ton more options than what Instagram currently offers and possibly will ever offer. Hopefully the amount of options to choose from won’t overwhelm you, but you’re bound to at least find one style you like for your photo.

The best part about this application is the feature that will allow you to export all of your photos you’ve finished editing back into your gallery. Thus, after putting it back in your gallery you’ll be able to easily share the photo with your friends and even transfer it back onto your laptop, computer or any other device you wish to put it on. Instagram does a similar thing, just it does not tell you that it actually does that.

Mainly I like Pixlr-o-Matic because it has a whole lot more options than what Instagram currently offers. I do like the Instagram layout and UI a whole lot better, but if I’m looking for options, Pixlr-o-matic tends to be the one I lean towards. With Instagram having a photo feed, I tend to use that the most out of everything though.

Streamzoo – Streamzoo is an application that I find to be much like Instagram. When it comes to effects and features, it’s very much like Instagram aside from it having more of a focus on social networking along with making sure it’s focus features are pretty well developed and thought out.  What I really don’t like about the app is its orange and white theme. It’s definitely not my style, but the features it contains is much like Instagram and if you’re really into Social Networking, Streamzoo is probably something you would love. As I said, it’s a bit more focused on the Social Networking area, so you’ll find a lot of features in that area that Instagram does not have and probably will never have as they seem to try and keep a balance between both camera and social networking features.

Streamzoo also keeps the application constantly updates with new features and consistent bug fixes, thus, it’s pretty reliable too.

Paper Camera – Paper Camera isn’t a free application nor is it your standard Instagram or Streamzoo app. Essentially, it just allows you to add some cartoon and painting effects to your photos. It’ll allow your pictures to either look like comic books or even add a sort of bleach to your photo to make it look like it was an old style type of photo. Paper Camera offers the ultimate collection of cartoon looking effects with tons of different options to choose from. There’s bound to be some sort of filter that will fit the style you’re looking for. Where you’re looking to add a Sketch Up filter to a photo of your child playing in the grass or if you’re looking for a filter that will capture a pastel effect, Paper Camera has got you completely covered.

Paper Camera is an Editor’s Choice application and is going to cost you around $1.99 to purchase. It’s well worth the money and in my opinion is a great asset to add to your arsenal of camera applications. I found it to be very helpful when trying to capture certain themes and effects. It really is pretty dang cool for a photo editor.

Camera Zoom FX – Camera Zoom FX is another application that’s going to cost you a couple of pennies. It has a pretty steep learning curve with a ton of different options along with allowing you to make a collage of photos. I think this and the time lapse feature of Camera Zoom FX is one of the most notable features the application.

Another pretty notable feature of the application is the ability to add buddies to your photos. All you have to do is take a picture of yourself and then add the Queen of England to your photo and now you can say you’ve met her! The only thing about this application is that it has a lot of issues. These bugs and issues are fixed often so you’ll be experiencing a constant amount of updates. Aside from that, the bugs aren’t so terrible that it breaks the app, but can sometimes become an inconvenience. On the bright side, you can just take a photo with the stock camera and then edit it with Camera Zoom FX at a later point in time.

I hope this list of camera applications has helped you in choosing who you’ll swear allegiance to when it comes to taking photos! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below!

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