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Final Fantasy III Confirmed To Become Ouya Android Console Launch Title

Game Developer Square Enix confirmed Monday, July 31st, that it is going to release Final Fantasy III as a launch title for the upcoming Android-based gaming console, Ouya. The console is currently under development and is scheduled for launch in March 2013. While the fate of this new player in the gaming industry is yet to be determined, Square Enix wants to be among the few developers to become a pioneer in the soon-to-be made sector of the gaming market.

As the name implies, Final Fantasy is a media franchise that exemplifies a series of fantasy and science fantasy role-playing video games or RPGs. It also entails other merchandise including printed media, anime and motion pictures. The franchise is owned and developed by Square Enix company and is created by Hironobu Sakaguchi. In 1987, Final Fantasy was released in Japan, in a series that commenced with an eponymous video game envisioned by the media franchise creator Sakaguchi. This was his last-ditch endeavor in the gaming industry. The first series title considerably triumphed and then subsequent Final Fantasy video game series titles began to sprout in the later years. The succeeding series and installments instigated in a wide variety of genres including action role-playing, tactical role-playing, fighting, rhythm, racing, third-person shooter and massively multiplayer online role-playing.

In 1990, Final Fantasy III was first released in Japan and was only available in the country until 2006, when a Nintendo DS remake was made accessible. In the following years, the next Final Fantasy series installments and remakes were released in different titles which have been re-released on several platforms later on.

Latest news about the new Final Fantasy game is starting to create a buzz online. Pertinent information said that Square Enix is set to make an official announcement about the next Final Fantasy version at the Final Fantasy anniversary event this August.

Meanwhile, Square stated that the Ouya version of its popular game series will be based on the 2006 DS 3D remake of Final Fantasy III. It is then expected to take advantage of Ouya Android’s high-def resolution.

Ouya has likewise commented about its partnership with Square and is apparently looking forward to a successful project outcome. In its online announcement, Ouya said: “This will be the first time gamers outside of Japan can play [Final Fantasy III] on their televisions through a console.”

A free demo version of the game will also be released for those who are new to the Final Fantasy franchise. Square also said that more contents other than its Final Fantasy III franchise will also be integrated to the Ouya system in the near future.

As early as now, people are looking forward to see what the Square-Ouya partnership can contribute to the gaming industry in the later days. Gamers are as well excited to gauge with Ouya Android’s capacity and see what the system can do to make the Final Fantasy III console sprout and expand just like how it went with the other platforms.

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