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Facebook welcomes changes

Android users we have great news for you, weren’t you tired of the old Facebook with its bugs, slow services and the ample time it took for you to upload pictures. Now that Google+ is succeeding over android Facebook realized it’s about time they step up and make things more entertaining for its users.

Everyone knew that Facebook’s android app pretty much disappointed everyone with its numerous problems and crash downs however Facebook is trying to make an effort with its new design and features that might just help increase its support.

Facebook’s previous rating over the Google Play app store was 3.7 with a number of complaints written by the users and bad reviews from critics. Google+ launched its app and pretty soon all the Facebook support over mobile shifted to Google+. Now that Google+ got Facebook’s attention they added a number of features to their app to make it even more interesting and user friendly.

Facebook worked with its developers and technicians aimlessly trying to provide an App which not only satisfied the users but also gave hardcore competition to Google+ and viola here we have it a new and improved app which is just likely to beat Google+ for good.

The App speeds up the process of loading images, links and timelines over your phone with a number of other new and improved features. If you want to create events over Facebook or even share them then you’ll be glad to know that Facebook has provided a number of options for you to that and made your work more easy than before.

This isn’t all folks Facebook has also added a number of features to make the App more active and fast and now the days where you waited for your pictures to upload for 15 minutes are gone. Facebook with a number of add on features has given its users the option to upload pictures in a much faster rate. Also the option of sharing pictures has also been made a lot easier and user friendly.

Facebook has just not restricted this change to its app but has also worked on the Facebook messenger which is now faster and now has a number of options plus the advanced emoji setting which lets you and your friends view the funny emoticons over Facebook. These emoji’s can now easily be added to your messages as well and the whole Facebook messenger chat layout has also changed making it a lot easier to understand and comprehend.

Facebook’s new app has been released only this week and already it is being appreciated widely with all the users. We think that the app rating might just increase from the 3.7 to a solid 4.2 if it functions properly. The app still has a long way to go but for Facebook it is just a start and hopefully if it has new and better features than the Google+ then we say it would be a win win situation for Facebook. Has Facebook really changed with its new and improved features or is it just a cover up? Only time will tell.


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