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Facebook iOS App Gets A Bump, Focuses on Speed

Social networking giant Facebook rolled out an update for the Facebook iOS app Saturday, August 25th, to address the most common issue users have been experiencing for months.  Speed has always been the problem for users when using the app. In fact, Facebook seems to be consistent in this aspect as the versions for both iOS and Android share the same issue.

The new update is believed to bring necessary enhancements to the iOS app providing owners of Apple iPhone and iPad better experience than before. This was confirmed by Facebook product manager, Mick Johnson, himself.

The new app “is a major update to the Facebook for iOS rebuilt from the ground up, to focus on one thing – performance,” Johnson said in a statement. He went on to saying that it now offers functions ‘twice as fast’ as the previous version, according to the report from an Australian news firm.

Among the many new features of Facebook for iOS app are the following;

  • The application now opens a lot faster than the previous version.
  • Scrolling through newsfeed was made smoother.
  • Viewing a photo is now more responsive and loads faster.

While majority of the developers wanted to capture users with new interface and visual layouts, Facebook retained pretty much everything as far as design and UI are concerned. However, the developers put into consideration that majority of the users use one hand to access their accounts, so the new app was made even more user-friendly.

The official Facebook app version for iOS devices is now at 5.0 and requires OS version 4.3 and up.

Facebook has around 900 million users around the globe and 500 million of those use mobile devices to access their accounts. Thus, this update is a necessary step for Facebook, although it never released an official statistics showing which mobile platform possesses majority of the users.

For now, Facebook hasn’t released any information if a new version for Android is coming. But considering the fact that Google’s mobile OS also claims a bigger chunk of the mobile market, Facebook couldn’t just afford not to release a better version for platform.

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