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Facebook For Android Gets A Fantastic Update

I’ve had some serious issues with Facebook on my Motorola Atrix 2 and my Transformer Pad recently. The Transformer Pad has been fine with it since before I updated it to Jelly Bean. Even though Facebook is known for its continuous updates with the app, they seem to have finally released a fix and/or performance boost. Thankfully, my phone is now working with Facebook after the update, however, my tablet is still questionable. But, that wasn’t really the center point of this update, now was it?

Facebook has made it easier for those who are constantly on the go. They now have made it extremely easy to share important items with both your friends and family through some new and enhances features. The first thing they’ve added to the application is the ability to both create and share events. I think many of us can imagine why that’s helpful, especially if you’re phone and/or tablet has replaced your laptop or desktop. The second thing Facebook has added is supposed a faster flow for sharing photos. Also, those of you that are using the Messenger service will be extremely excited to find out that the ability to add photos and emoji has been added to messages. This is actually a much-needed feature for the mobile app as it made it extremely difficult to share photos in certain ways.

Facebook’s goal has always been to make it easier to share your life with your loved ones or even to friends across the world. The update reaffirms that statement by adding some much needed features to the app. Just head on over to the Google Play Store and you’ll be able to download the app directly from there, as you probably know. Unfortunately, for some reason it didn’t just download the added code (unless Facebook hadn’t started using that newest feature on Google Play yet) but instead downloaded the full blown app. It’s only around 12MB so it’s really not so bad unless your on the last edge of your data plan and you’re completely freaking out about even the thought of turning your phone on. That’s pretty unlikely though.

Now if only Facebook would redesign the application. I mean, it’s pretty slick now, but I actually really am sort of jealous of the new design the iPhone had gotten just today. I really wish that they would incorporate some of that goodness over to us Android users. Still, I’m personally just happy that Facebook is working on my smartphone again. I can now happily return to my addiction anytime I want wherever I am (then again, this could be potentially be a REALLY bad thing).

Anyone excited to see the new update to Facebook? Have you used any of the new features that has been added yet, if so, are you enjoying them and are they working well for you? Let us know in the comments below!

source: Talk Android

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