FAA Reviewing The Use of Gadgets In Mid-Air Flights

We shouldn’t be expecting to make any sort of mid-flight phone calls from your smartphone, but the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is putting together a group that will re-examine some current testing procedures and policies airlines have in place for gadgets. That said, they willnot be considering any sort of airborne use of cell phones for any sort of voice communication that could cause interference.Which most likely means no phones at all. But, that’s just a minor price to pay for safety up in the air, especially if you consider that these certain policies and procedures are completely behind the speed at which we adopt new technologies. The Federal Aviation Administration group will be looking at how these devices are actually tested and used up in the air or during mid-flight, along with the current standards for use of mobile devices on board an airplane (i.e, iPad’s, iPod’s, Transformer Pads and etc).

The Administration creating the group will be meeting for six months before they will give any recommendations to the FAA for a policy revision. Well, what’s the groups first step? It starts with the public. The FAA is looking for feedback on their current policies from the public by opening up an official Request for Comments today, August the 28th. If you’re interested enough, just hit the FAA source link.

The FAA Administrator, Michael Huerta said this in a statement:

We’re looking for information to help air carriers and operators decide if they can allow more widespread use of electronic devices in today’s aircraft. We also want solid safety data to make sure tomorrow’s aircraft designs are protected from interference.

Are you looking forward to being able to use some of your mobile non voice communication gadgets up in the air? Let us know in the comments below!

source: TechCrunch, FAA

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