Ex-Motorola Employee Says It Was Harder To Work With Google After Acquisiton

When Google purchased Motorola Mobility, it rippled through not just the mobile industry, but the tech industry as a whole. Google’s new purchase raised numerous amounts of questions regarding the effect that this would have on Google’s other Android manufacturers such as Samsung Electronics, HTC and quite a few others. Many people were concerned that this would almost certainly give Motorola Mobility “special” or “exclusive” privileges when it came to Android now that they belong to Google. After the acquisition, an ex-Motorola employee had said something that surprised me, and probably many other people watching the company. Thus, the “special” privileges is far, far from the actual truth.

According to the ex-Motorola employee, ever since they were acquired by Google it was harder to work with them as Google in no way wanted it to seem that they were giving their new toy “preferable treatment.” Surprisingly and you may disagree with me, but this all actually makes sense. Google know what they’re doing. They know they are working a thin line. They have to be careful not to anger their other big Android vendors such as Samsung with it’s current lawsuit on hand.

Obviously, things could change in the blink of an eye. With Google personally manufacturing the Nexus Q, there’s been rumors that it will follow in suit of Apple (completely different business model though) and begin to manufacture their own phone(s). If Google were getting ready to do that, imagine what position they are just putting their Android partners in. Google is so popular, makes fantastic services and creative products (Nexus Q) that I personally think they would literally dominate the Android market.

These are very serious rumors too. It’s not just some half-witted statement. Google would literally dominate the Android market for two reasons. The first being that they own the Android software and are very popular for it (not to mention that it’s basically the #1 used mobile operating system ever). The second being that there’s no doubt that a Google phone would be some of the most advanced phone technology known to man. They have so much potential they could do with it just because of all the Google services they own, their new knowledge database and etc.

I just feel that they have a lot of potential and that they really are looking at making their own phone. Thus, this whole Motorola situation is very understandable. I don’t blame them for it either, I think they are making the perfect steps to establishing themselves in the hardware industry. The only question is, will they continue to do it the right way or become another Apple? Let’s pray the latter isn’t going to happen at all.

What do you guys think about Google manufacturing their own Android phones? They already own the operating system and I’m sure it’d be a huge hit in both the mobile and tech market. If not that, would you rather see Google keep a strong relationship with their other Android vendors such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony and etc?

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