Evernote and Moleskine Team Up To Make A Cool Looking Notebook

I usually prefer taking my notes electronically for a couple of pretty good reasons, at least I think they’re good reasons. The first being that my handwriting is absolutely terrible even after years of practice. The second being that it’s just easy to pull up notes off the Cloud and access them at any moment and wherever I am at. That said, I still enjoy using notebooks even though I don’t use them a w hole lot. A while back (and I was pretty late to the party too) I discovered a company that made some really nice notebooks and was also of the highest quality, That company was Moleskine, and you have to admit, they were hard to beat when it came to quality notebooks. That said, today Evernote has actually teamed up with Moleskine to combine the best of both worlds in the latest notebook, the “Smart Notebook.”

This is a notebook that was designed by Moleskine with Evernote in mind. What’s really cool is that it functions and has compatibility with the Evernote application (at this point it’s only for iOS). It’ll allow you to take pictures of the in your notebook and then Evernote will immediately correct the images colors and contrast, and then it will digitize your handwriting and will file it a way automatically in your Evernote folder. In that sense, you get the best of both worlds. Awesome old fashioned notebookswith technology, now isn’t that something?

The idea to me personally, is fantastic. As you would expect with your standard Moleskine notebook, they come in pocket size for $25 and a larger size for only $5 more at a total of $30. These aren’t on sale just yet, but you are able to pre-order one of these bad boys if you want to get in a order early. Thankfully we aren’t waiting on a release date reveal though, they are expected to be available on October 1st of 2012. It’s not to bad of a wait, in fact it’s only a couple of months out from here.

The idea sounds pretty fantastic, and they come in a pocket size ($24.95) and a large size ($29.95). They aren’t on sale quite yet, but you can pre-order now if you want to get your order in early. The notebooks are expected to be here October 1. To be honest, I’ll probably pre-order one myself to give it a try, it does look pretty shnazzy based off of the image above, does it not (I still think I prefer the standard Moleskine notebooks though, you cant beat those!)?

Anyone Evernote users excited for these upcoming notebooks? Just hit the source link below and it’ll take you to the Evernote store page so that you can get one of these bad lookin’ boys pre-ordered in time for the October 1st release. If you’re getting one of these, make sure to leave a comment below and let us know what you would use this for!

source: Evernote
via: Droid Life

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