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EBook Reader Review ­– Which One You Should Buy?

Buying an EBook reader is never easy for consumers. Although, people do have loyalties towards certain brands, but sometimes blind trust is not enough to help you buy the best EBook reader. Therefore, following is a comparison of Kindle, Nook, and iPad in order to help you decide which EBook reader is best for you, according to your needs.

1: Do You Want A Reader or More Than Just That?

When you are shopping for a reader, you have to ask yourself, do you want just an EBook reader, or do you want to read magazines or newspaper on it as well? And what about browsing the internet with your reader? Any interest in having some multimedia on your reader? And what about email, messaging, and/or gaming on your reader?

These are all the essential questions that you must ask and answer yourself before you go to shop for a reader because the choices you get depending on how you answer these questions, varies a lot. Therefore, it is best that you answer these questions so that you can buy yourself the best tablet available. For now, we are going to assume that you want just an EBook reader with a bit of magazine and newspaper reading on the go as well. For that, there are few reasonable options for you such as the following.

Best basic e-book readers: Amazon Kindle ($79, no touch screen), Amazon Kindle Touch ($99 to $189, with touch screen), Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch ($99, touch screen), Barnes & Noble Simple Touch with GlowLight ($139, with self-illuminating touch screen)

Best reading tablet for under $200: Google Nexus 7

Best full-size reading tablets: Apple iPad (third-gen) ($499 and up), Apple iPad 2 ($399), Asus Transformer Pad TF300 ($399, 32GB, keyboard dock option)

2: Screen Size and Weight of the Reader?

Size matters even if you think that you will only be using your reader indoors. Therefore, make sure you do some window shopping and get a feel of different tablets and compare their size and weight on your own before you buy one.

Lightest e-book readers: Amazon Kindle Touch, Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch, Barnes & Noble Simple Touch with GlowLight, Kobo eReader Touch Edition, Amazon Kindle,

Midsize readers/tablets: Nook Color, Amazon Kindle Fire, Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, Google Nexus 7

Large-screen readers/tablets: Asus Transformer Pad TF300, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Apple iPad (third-gen), Apple iPad 2, Amazon Kindle DX

3: Screen Preferences?

Dedicated readers use e-ink readers, but it does have some drawbacks such as slow page loading. On the other hand, such problems are not encountered by people who use LCD display readers. So even if you have to make the choice then we will help you by making your search easier. Following are some best e-ink readers and some LCD readers for your consideration.

Best e-ink readers: Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch, Barnes & Noble Simple Touch with GlowLight, Amazon Kindle Touch, Amazon Kindle,

Best LCD readers/tablets: Amazon Kindle Fire, Apple iPad 2, Apple iPad (third-gen), Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet, Google Nexus 7, or any good tablet.

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