EA Backs Down On Project Honor Charity

Electronic Arts has backed down from the Project Honor charity, where the complete goal was to raise money for soldiers’ families through the selling of real weapons that are featured in Medal of Honor: Warfighter. The press, for some reason, gave a negative response to Electronic Arts’ sale of real live tomahawks and some other weapons in order to “benefit the families of fallen Special Operations Warriors.” The negative response has caused them to abandon the project entirely.

Greg Goodrich, an executive producer at Electronic Arts, told Eurogamer at Gamecom, that due to the negative publicity it got, “the VooDoo Tomahawk has since been removed tom the website.”

Goodrich went on to defend the project:

“That was an effort to raise a lot of money for charity, and we were well on our way to raising a lot of money with that tomahawk, but I don’t know what will happen with that now…That whole effort, we’ve been working with those partners because we wanted to be authentic, and we wanted to give back to the communities. Every one of those partners, none of them paid a dime for product placement – all the money generated went to Project Honor.”

There seemed to be some seriously good genuine intentions behind the charity sale, but I am very surprised at the negative feedback that was given. Sure, the weapons are dangerous and all, but nowadays, you can buy weapons pretty much anywhere! It could be just a bunch of little kids whining because they weren’t able to purchase it, but I am genuinely surprised that this didn’t go through. Now the question is, what are they going to with all of those Tomahawks now (I will take one!)? As was reported last week, Electronic Arts has or could be looking for a buyer, so if you’re running short on your VooDoo Tomahawks, now might be a good time to think about putting a bid together (running out of VooDoo Tomahawks is serious business).

I’m kind of curious if Electronic Arts will be thinking of another way to do the Project Honor charity. Maybe they will make a cosmetic item, put it up for sale as a micro-transaction and then have all proceeds from that go to those that were in the U.S Army? Who knows that they’ll actually end up doing now. They might just throw the whole idea out the window after all of the negative feedback.

Way to go internet, you just completely wrecked a genuine charity fun. Coming out the Gaming Industry, this was one of those rare times that I thought that corporate companies just weren’t that bad. I’ve come to realize that it’s the internet who governs how they run things.

Anyway, what do you think about Electronic Arts and their sale of Tomahawks to make money to send off to charity? As you have probably gathered, I found that it was a fantastic idea. Hopefully they’ll be coming up with another idea, eh?

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