Durango Development Kit Sold on eBay for $20,000

A luxurious black PC Tower with no description on specs was put up on ebay the other day. The seller claimed that it was the Durango (also known as the next generation Xbox console) development kit, that has now been sold. Oh, the winning bid? Yeah, it’s just an astounding amount of $20,100. Of course, with the supposed “insane” specs it has, it’s probably worth a lot more than that if you want to add in how much people want to get their hands on anything that relates to the next generation of Xbox consoles.

Either the buyer really had wanted to get themselves at an early look into the future of the Xbox technology or he really wanted the world’s most expensive office computer. Imagine how fast Excel would open up, Microsoft word even! Either way, it’ll be interesting to see what Microsoft will do about this. We all know that they only sent a few of these development kits out to developers, not to mention that the kits are strictly controlled by the platform holder, which is Microsoft. I know that this guy could potentially be facing a huge lawsuit if this isn’t a scam. Of course, if it’s a scam, eBay Buyer Protection is always there to keep the buyer safe, and it’s also a possibility that Microsoft might just bribe the guy in keeping the Durango a secret.

If this really is the Durango dev kit, I’m sure that Microsoft is already jumping on the ball (that is, if it wasn’t a company like Sony that decided to purchase the monster of a PC secretly). Seeing a snapshot of the Durango Kit would be amazing, but it’s also highly unlikely because if photos of this got in the hands of the public, this would be a nightmare for Microsoft.

Of course that is, if Microsoft isn’t the one who bought the thing. Then in that case, this guy who sold it is probably already getting screwed over by them. I kind of think it’s unlikely that they would of bought it, but at the same time, it’d be no surprise at all. Either way, $20,000 a whole lot to pay for to see the next generation of Xbox Technology. It’ll be really cool if some photos popped up and maybe even some specifications.

We’ll keep you updated on the situation. We’re still waiting for Microsoft to respond to the situation, so keep an eye out for another update. There’s no doubt that they’ll say something, everyone and their uncle has seen the listing which means that Microsoft is probably getting floods of emails. Thus, I almost think they’d be forced to release a statement to respond to all of these mass emails.

DaE, the seller, posted on twitter that, “I sold one of two I own. I still have the one that featured in news, the other one wasn’t really necessary to keep as a leg rest.” This is the same guy that leaked the Kinect 2.0 photos.

What do you think of the Durango Development Kit up on eBay? Do you think it’s a scam or is it the real thing?

source: eBay

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