Droid RAZR HD Tutorial Videos Have Leaked

YouTubers are fantastic aren’t they? Sometimes they make some awesome gaming videos, other times they make some parodies that just go viral on the internet and other times people just make complete crap. This isn’t one of those times though. A YouTuber that goes by the name of revowii decided to post up four videos just this morning for the DROID RAZR HD that is supposed to be announced in only a matter of weeks at the September 5th event with Motorola and Verizon.

Each video will walk you through a subject like making calls, setting up your e-mail and etc. While those aren’t really neccesary because frankly, its easy enough that anyone can do it. Anyway, that’s probably not something you really care about. What we do care about is that this is one of the first times that we have seen the device in such a clear manner. Everything has been blurry, crossed out and etc. Not this time though. This time, we get a clear picture of what this brand new device is going to look like. I myself watched the videos, and the DROID RAZR HD looks stinkin’ amazing.

What you’ll be seeing in the following videos (hit the source for a direct link) is a Ice Cream sandwich and Blur build that closely resembles what is on the Atrix HD. No matter though, we’re still excited to see what this beast of a phone looks like! Many of you maybe disappointed though, there has still been no word on what the specs look like at all yet. Unfortunately, I think we’re going to just have to wait until the event with Motorola and Verizon.

September 5th is the “save the date” event with Motorola in New York City. It’s only a couple of weeks away too! There were no other details that were specified though, so it may be safe to assume that we will be seeing the unveiling of the DROID RAZR HD. Though, they could just surprise us with another device that we don’t even know about. Who knows though! It was only last October that Motorola had announced the resurrection of its critically acclaimed DROID RAZR along with MOTOACTV. The DROID RAZR HD seems like a good successor to that and should have some really good specs if rumors prove to be true at all (we all know the rumors will be nothing like what they announce at the even!). Now, unless their is something just out of this world and crazy, this phone probably will not offer anything more than what the HTC One X or the Samsung Galaxy S III offer aside from a slick new design. Other than that, lets just keep our fingers crossed, okay?

I’m actually really surprised that Motorola will be holding an event for this. That kind of indicates that there might just be more to it than just a reiteration of the Atrix HD or DROID RAZR. Who knows though. I do hope they have a surprise in store, I’d love to see a device with new features and hardware. Though, after the leaked videos, I’m not so sure how it’s all going to turn out.

Any thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

source: YouTube