Disney Junior Sprint ID Pack Now Available

Anyone who’s ever been on a road trip with a child will understand that it’s not easy to keep them entertained, especially on this really, really long trips that many of you like to take. To help parents deal with that issue, Sprint has no made the Disney Junior Sprint ID pack available. It’s loaded up with tons of content that many different kids are just bound to love. Parents may even just enjoy the fun too:

  • Disney Junior Games: Keep kids entertained and engaged with games from featuring Jake and the Never Land Pirates – including Izzy’s Pirate Puzzles and Jake’s Treasure Hunt.
  • Disney Junior Facebook: Parents can get the latest tips, recipes and sneak peeks on what is happening on all of the Disney Junior Facebook pages.
  • Disney Junior Videos: Your child can watch select episodes of their favorite Disney Junior shows on demand. Full episodes of Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Doc McStuffins are among those available using the Sprint TV app.
  • Disney Junior Wallpaper: Customize your phone with wallpapers featuring your child’s favorite Disney Junior characters.

If you’re and parent and love taking vacations or are even on the go a lot and need something to keep all of the children calm, you can find the Disney Junior ID pack available for free on eligible plans and devices from Sprint. Honestly, I really hope that this will eventually come onto other carriers and plans like AT&T. AT&T is also launching a shared mobile plan that will probably be very popular among families, I think this would be a perfect pack for that type of plan.

Here’s an excerpt from the Press Release that really explains how it all works. The Press Release was rather long, but I found an excerpt out of it that explained it all really well:

“Lately more and more moms and dads are finding fun mobile phone apps that their kids will enjoy, but rather than searching through an app store with thousands of apps, wondering which ones are best, we’ve simplified the process – they can simply click on the Disney Junior ID pack and get access to their kids’ favorite shows and games,” said Kevin McGinnis, vice president-Product, Sprint. “We are excited to offer this robust mobile experience and we’re thrilled to make this available to our customers.”

As far as I know right now, the app is only available to Sprint customers with an Everything Plan, so other carriers are probably going to have to literally beg for the package on different carriers. It seems like it’s also a Sprint exclusive thing too, so seeing it on another carrier seems very unlikely. Either way, I think it’d be cool to see it expand to other carriers, but for now, Sprint customers can pick this up exclusively for free.

Will you be seeing if you can pick up the Disney Junior Sprint ID Pack? Will you be switching plans just to get the pack? Let us know in the comments below!


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