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Details of New Galaxy Nexus Emerge

Specifications of the next Galaxy Nexus have begun to surface. Sammobile reports that the device currently has the codename “Superior” and has the model number GT-I9260. It may be recalled that the Galaxy Nexus has a model number I9250, suggesting that this upcoming device will be closely related to that phone.

The successor of the Galaxy Nexus is expected to have a 4.65-inch Super AMOLED HD display. Under the hood, it could be powered by a dual core Cortex A9 processor running at the speed of 1.5GHz. Dual cameras will be found on the device, specifically, a 1.9-megapixel front camera and an 8-megapixel rear camera. A microSD card slot is also said to be present on the smartphone as well as 16GB of storage capacity.

For comparison, last year’s Galaxy Nexus phone was equipped with a dual-core Cortex A9 processor with a clock speed of 1.2GHz. Its rear camera had a 5-megapixel sensor while its front camera had a 1.3- megapixel sensor. The latter was a disappointment for many and had been considered as the weakest point of the smartphone. Judging from these specifications, the new Nexus offers a minor improvement over the 2011 model.

From these information, two things are noticeable. First, these are hardly high-end specifications, and naturally would demand an affordable price. Second, this would be the second time in a row that Samsung takes charge of creating a Nexus device. Samsung is currently king in high-end Android smartphones. However, if this Nexus is matched with an affordable price, it could help Google control the mid-range segment.

Earlier, it had been rumored that five Nexus devices will be released this fall to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Android. This new Nexus might well be one of these five anticipated devices.

Nothing, however, is still certain about the new Nexus smartphone, especially with other rumors circulating that other companies like LG or the Google-owned Motorola could be tapped by Google to work on a Nexus device.

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